The Medieval City - YORK

Photo of The Medieval City - YORK 1/16 by Tamalika Ghosh De
York Minster
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The Cat Gallery
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Guy Fawkes Inn
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St Mary's Abbey
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Museum Garden
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City Wall
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Black Swan
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River Ouse
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Tour de France near Bootham
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York was the first place I visited in the UK and it was love at first sight! A traditional county town of Yorkshire, by the river Ouse, guarded by the medieval city wall. This incredible city of York is associated with numerous historic events. Starting with the major attraction of the famous York Minster, rich viking heritage and beautifully preserved medieval streets & buildings. This list will be incomplete if I dont mention the famous ghost stories, many interesting museums, amazing collection of vintage shops, Theatre Royal, the Racecourse, yorks chocolate stories and the superb pubs with local ale. 

A city full of music, love and live.. A walk by the river Ouse, or a visit to the Railways museum, or just roam around the city centre to absorb the essence of this medieval town and capture the beauty with your lenses. A perfect destination for a family retreat or a romantic getaway or a photographers delight.

Few interesting facts about York -

  • York is considered to be one of the world’s most haunted cities. There are an estimated 500 ghosts in the city, including those of Roman soldiers.
  • York Minster is one of the world’s largest cathedrals, and took 250 years to build. Along with St. Peter’s, it is one of only two churches in the world with its own police force.
  • Betty’s Tea Rooms was inspired by a passenger who sailed on the lavish Queen Mary ship in 1936. During World War II, it was popular with local airmen and a mirror on which they wrote their names is still there.
  • York has over 365 pubs, one (or more) for each day of the year. The city also hosts the UK’s largest food festival, for 10 days each September.
  • Almost half of all wedding ceremonies that take place in York are for couples who do not live here. York has previously appeared in The Independent Newspaper's 50 best places in the world to be married.
  • York is the home of chocolates :)
  • One of the biggest collection of Valentine cards in the U.K. can be found in the York Castle Museum.
  • Whip-Ma-Whom-Ma-Gate - is the smallest street of York with the longest name. A local custom of whipping small yelping dogs called Whappets was observed in this area in medieval times and hence the name.
  • One can't miss spotting the Purpleman in the city centre.


  • If you are a chocolate lover dont miss the Chocolate story tour.
  • Do try the Thorntons double chocolate ice-cream on Parliament street.
  • Got a sweet tooth then must try the offerings of 'Patisserie Valerie'
  • Finger licking Fish n chips with some good curry sauce from Wackers.
  • Great Cider offering and interesting interior decor - House of Trembling Madness.
  • There are plenty of awesome fine dine and other local food joints.

Few Useful Links

York Minster is the second largest Gothic cathedral of Northern Europe and clearly charts the development of English Gothic architecture from Early English through to the Perpendicular Period. Constantine was proclaimed Emperor of the Western Roman Empire while in York - then called Eboracum. York was the centre of the Roman Empire. The Rose Window, a stained glass masterpiece high in the South Transept of York Minster was added near the end of the 15th century to commemorate the end of the War of the Roses and honour the Tudor dynasty. York Minster’s ‘Heart of Yorkshire’ window, within the cathedral’s Great West Window is fast becoming the destination for love-struck couples who believe the local legend that kissing their partner beneath it means they will stay together forever.
Photo of York Minster, Deangate, York YO1 7HH, United Kingdom by Tamalika Ghosh De
No visit to York would be complete without a walk around the City Walls. At 3.4 kilometres long, the beautifully preserved walls are the longest medieval town walls in England. About 2.5 million people walk along all or part of the City walls each year, enjoying some amazing views. The completion of the entire circuit will take approximately 2 hours. There are five main bars or gateways, one Victorian gateway, one postern (a small gateway) and 45 towers.
Shambles was historically a street of butchers shops and houses. Shambles is York 's oldest street, and Europe's best preserved Medieval street, with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some dating back as far as the fourteenth century.
Photo of York Shambles, York, North Yorkshire YO1 7LZ, United Kingdom by Tamalika Ghosh De
Clifford's Tower stands as a proud symbol of the power of England's medieval kings. Originally built by William the Conqueror to subdue the rebels of the north, it was twice burned to the ground, before being rebuilt by Henry III in the 13th century. The tower takes its name from one grisly incident in its long history, when Roger de Clifford was executed for treason against Edward II and hanged in chains from the tower walls.
The York Museum Garden is a botanic garden in the centre of York, beside the River Ouse. There are several historic buildings in the garden including the remains of the west corner of the Roman fort of Eboracum (Multangular Tower & parts of Roman walls). Most of the other buildings dating from the Middle Ages are associated with St Mary’s Abbey. Housing some of the finest collections of archaeological and geological finds in Europe, the Yorkshire Museum is also situated in the garden area.
Photo of Museum Gardens, Museum Street, York, York YO1 7FR, United Kingdom by Tamalika Ghosh De
Cats have played a part in York’s history and luck has been linked with them since records began. Free fun for all the family, this trail is based on cats that appear on buildings around York city centre. It has been designed to ensure that you see not only the cats of York, but also the most interesting and beautiful parts of the City.
Named after the Treasurer of York Minster and built over a Roman road, the Treasurer's House is not all that it seems. It is renowned for being one of the most haunted buildings in the world.
Escape the city hustle bustle and relax by the river Ouse. One can enjoy river cruises available from various range of trips (daytime/evening). Treat yourself to a local drink from the bar and rest your feet.
The Guy Fawkes Inn stands next to York Minster and was the birthplace of the notorious plotter, Guy Fawkes.
Photo of Guy Fawkes Inn, 25 High Petergate, York YO1 7HP, United Kingdom by Tamalika Ghosh De
Afternoon Tea in the Belmont Room at Bettys York is a must try experience.