Best Beaches You Must Visit In Havelock Island To Fall In Love With The Ocean!

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Radhanagar Beach

After working for 8 years in the media field, I decided to escape the corporate world in pursuit of a bigger adventure. Trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands was my first vacation after I had left my job to pursue travelling with more time and focus. My friend, a fashion enthusiast, who joined me from Denmark, was also without a job at that time as she had decided to not settle down until she gets her dream job. Driven by our immense love for travelling, we both decided to take a trip to this union territory located in the Bay of Bengal. The twist was that we had to do it in the lowest budget possible, and that was exactly what we did. We took lift from people, walked to cover long distances, and everything else that helped us save even a few bucks. Lesson learnt—usually considered an expensive place, you can still make your escape to Havelock Island as pocket-friendly as you want.

Read about our journey to know how.

How To Reach Havelock Island?

There are ferries plying from Port Blair that take nearly two and a half hours to reach to Havelock Island. Booking in advance is not necessary. You can ask your hotel receptionist to book it for you.

Hop Around These Beaches In Havelock Island!

There are a number of beaches in Havelock Island, and we went to see the most gorgeous ones. Our list included the following:

It’s a quiet beach having white sand, turquoise water and coconut trees. It is so calm and you can actually feel the sea breeze flowing around you. You won’t find many people there. It is perfect for nature lovers and photographers. Moreover, you should definitely go there during night time. It will be an altogether different experience.

Elephant Beach

We left in a beachy dress and flip-flop, and headed towards Elephant Beach, not knowing that there is no road network to reach there. One has to take either ferry or trek for an hour to get there. We chose the latter and decided to do it on our own (without hiring a guide) because it was absolutely free of cost that way.

The 1.8-kilometer-long trek to the Elephant Beach has resulted in permanently ending my fear of crabs, lizards, seashell insects, and other creepy-crawlies that used to make me scream before. The muddy path was full of them. We had to just move ahead ignoring all of them. And all this was totally worth it. When we finally reached the beach, oh God, it was paradise. It was beautiful beyond any words. Also, there was nobody else at that time. The whole beach was ours!! It was like a huge, endless blanket of different shades of blue. The grandeur of bright green trees grown on white sand below the white clouds that looked like cotton candy tucked in a clear blue sky is indescribable. There were a variety of beautiful shells spread all over the place like jewels. The splendor of this beach cannot be described in any words or photographs. You get to feel it yourself by seeing it with your own eyes.

Apart from getting surrounded by an aura of magnificence here, you can also indulge in an underwater fun activity- sea walking. This beach is known for offering a fabulous view of the underwater marine life. Earlier, scuba diving could also be done there but now that has been discontinued and is open for sea walking only.

It took us only twenty minutes via scooty to reach Radhanagar Beach from Elephant Beach. It is counted among Asia’s most beautiful and the world’s top ten beaches. The white silky sand, emerald blue sea and white foam waves make it a perfect spot for relaxing amid the natural beauty. There are lush and verdant trees on its side. No water sports are allowed there in order to preserve the gorgeousness of this attraction; so you can choose to either swim or sunbathe at this tranquil beach. I would suggest going there in the late afternoon so that you can see the lovely sunset in the evening.

This marvelous slice of heaven is my favorite beach in Havelock Island. You can’t get enough of it in just one visit. That’s why we went there again the next day. It’s a must-visit for every nature and beach lover. Your beach vacation is incomplete without including Radhanagar Beach in your itinerary.

Just a 25-minute drive from Radhanagar Beach will take you to this pristine beach. With dense forest in the backdrop, Kalapathar Beach is a long stretch of golden sand beds, aqua water and big black rocks. It is a small but delightful beach. You can stroll here amidst the stunning scenic beauty while feeling the cool breeze on your face. The black rocks along the seashore present a vivid contrast with the bright sand. There are green forests engulfing the beach from all sides.

You have to go to Havelock Island to see the best beaches in India. It is a home of pristine beauty. Along with that, the people there are amazing as well. They are considerate and ready to help.

Remember, you can make your travel as luxurious as possible, but also as cheap as possible. To get the complete value of our money, we booked our stay at Havelock Island Beach Resort. I have seen all kinds of resorts and hotels, and I can say without any doubt that this is among the best accommodations I have ever stayed in. The staff was polite and it also booked our scuba diving slot at Nemo Reef which was again an unforgettable experience for us.

So start planning and get set, go. Havelock Island will be a great addition to your travel list.

Happy travelling :)

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