The growing OZONE hole over Antarctica

Photo of The growing OZONE hole over Antarctica 1/2 by shilpi siwach
Antarctic Ozone Hole

We have read lot about the our Ozone layer in school textbooks. We know it protects us from harmful sun rays.

Do we know what is the impact of humans on the environment. NASA’s Earth Observatory has a series of time-lapsed images from around the world to show us the impact.

Before 1979, the recorded concentration of the Ozone layer had not dipped below 220 Dobson Units, which is fine.

Since then though, it’s thinned dramatically. In a rare and potentially world-changing and glorious moment, governments came together in 1987 and agreed to phase out harmful “CFC” chemicals, which were causing the Ozone damage.

This year scientists said they had evidence that the Ozone might be recovering. However, there is still a long way to go. The time-lapse below shows the growth of the hole in the Ozone over Antarctica.

Photo of The growing OZONE hole over Antarctica 2/2 by shilpi siwach

*These time-lapse GIFs of Earth are terrifying, courtesy of NASA*