Bali: the surfers paradise and a little Hindu paradise in itself

21st Jul 2016
Day 1
I landed Bali in the early evening and fell in love with just by seeing the air view. Bali airport is located just at the side of the sea and this is the first feel one get of the Indian Ocean. Then I took a taxi to my hotel in Nusa dua. It was a decent hotel with all the amenities and services I expected

. What I got in bonus was the smile and friendly welcome at the hotel. Spent rest of the evening swimming in the pool
Day 2
It was the day when I was wondering my next step. I decided to check with the hotel travel desk. They suggested me few temples after knowing that I am an Hindu from India. I first visited a temple called tanah Lot located in one of the Bali villages at sea shore. It was a beautiful place but then I came to know that all the temples are closed and I can't enter inside. Even then I was delighted by the sight. Not sure whether that was the temple or the serenity mesmerising me. I was there for few hours admiring the scenic beauty. Then I headed off to the Royal temple and had Babi guling on the way. It is one of the most famous dishes in Indonesia. A suckling pig is roasted overnight and then meat cuts are served with different Thai sauces. I truest rejoiced it and started thinking about my next destination.
Royal temple was earlier used by the King and his family to perform the rituals. It was also closed but I decided to sneak a sight inside by taking a round around around the temple. Architecture is somewhat similar to the temples we find in north eastern part of India. Was too tired to explore further and asked driver to drop me back to hotel