Ola Announces Doorstep Delivery of Free Oxygen Concentrators



Photo of Ola Announces Doorstep Delivery of Free Oxygen Concentrators by Travelling Happily

As the terror of the second wave of COVID-19  increases with every passing day, many helping hands are being raised to help the people in need throughout the country. One such great initiative is being taken by Ola, a popular ride-hailing company. Ola has announced free delivery of oxygen concentrators across different parts of the country.

As India reels under the impact of the second wave, the hospitals are facing scarcity of the much-needed resources, with oxygen concentrators being one of the them. As per a news report, Ola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the cab aggregator, announced on May 10 that it will provide consumers with oxygen concentrators for free through the Ola app. The initiative has been launched in partnership with GiveIndia, a donation platform.

According to a media report, the service will first launch in the Karnataka capital (Bengaluru) with an initial set up of 500 oxygen concentrators, and it will expand across India in the coming weeks, said Aggarwal.

How to book an oxygen concentrator through Ola?

Consumers will need to log in to the Ola app and request an oxygen concentrator by providing a few basic details. Once submitted, the request will be validated and Ola will then pick up the concentrator via one of its cabs with a specially trained driver and bring it to the consumer’s doorstep.

Once the patient gets better, and no longer needs the concentrator, Ola will pick the it back up and return it to GiveIndia to get it ready for the next patient who needs it.

Kudos to Ola for taking such an initiative and trying to help people who are in dire need of oxygen concentrators. Let's pray to hear some news that brings respite. Till then stay inside, practice hygiene and social distancing. Take care of yourself and your family and friends.

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