Pub-hopping through live music venues in Bangalore

7th Aug 2014
Photo of Pub-hopping through live music venues in Bangalore 1/4 by Gayatri Manu
Photo of Pub-hopping through live music venues in Bangalore 2/4 by Gayatri Manu
Hard Rock Cafe
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The Humming Tree
Photo of Pub-hopping through live music venues in Bangalore 4/4 by Gayatri Manu

Bangalore has always been the music capital of the country. With it's 100+ pubs, there has been no dearth of music aficionados hunting for that perfect place. With the heady combination of colourful cocktails, rich music and interesting crowds here are four pubs with live music that you can cover in a night.

P.S: Most pubs get very crowded during the weekends, make sure you call to make reservations in advance.

This franchise of the Hard Rock café is located on St.Marks Road and is one of the most iconic buildings in Bangalore. Begin your trip by entering this deceivingly large pub and wait around while the busy waiters buzz around you and the hostess throws you apologetic glances. You won’t mind the wait, one bit if you happen to be there on a Thursday. Bands of all genres – from funk to rock as well as cover bands play here. While you wait, you’ll stare and gape at the walls if you happen to be a rock lover and if you’re not you’ll smile with nostalgia at the memorabilia of all those classic rock bands. You’ll be seated at either the bar area, patio or the restaurant. Regardless you’ll have a great view to accompany your Legendary 10 Oz. burger, Hard Rock Nachos and the dizzying number of cocktails.

Like the Hard Rock Café, Opus is also an old building that has been converted to a pub. With a Goan lineage, an amphitheatre and an event every night, Opus has established itself as one of the hippest places in Bangalore. You’ll most certainly get lost your first time there and surprise yourself when you happen to chance on a new seating space (while you search for your friends who are too busy dancing to care.) After drinking yourself blind during the Sunday brunch you’ll wake up on a Monday morning with a sore throat from all hoarse ‘singing’ that you did, a pounding head and an itch to get back to Opus the next Sunday anyway.

From Chinese to Mediterranean to Bengali the menu at bFlat bar is almost as ambitious as the endearing musicians who play here. Lauded for it’s effort to revive the music scene in Bangalore, bFlat bar has been recognised as the go-to place for all music aficionados with it’s great acoustics and walls adorned with record covers. Along with it’s bottled German and Belgian beers and happy hours all week long extending until 9 pm, the sole purpose of this bar seems to be to defeat you in your fight against the ubiquitous beer belly.

The Humming Tree easily has the most interesting gig calendar in Bangalore . You may arrive there expecting a rock band but may end up participating in a one-minute theatre festival along with other shy and awkward or boisterously drunk men. Formed in collaboration with a music company , The Humming Tree has patrons as well as audiences paying attention, completely and only to the performance. With it’s foosball tables, stools with sewing machine pedals and eccentric artists, all the quirkiness comes easily here.

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