Thailand laws you should be aware of if you travel to Bangkok

12th Jan 2018
Photo of Thailand laws you should be aware of if you travel to Bangkok by UteoBG

Laws in Thailand may be of interest to a large number of tourists with regard to Thailand’s reputation when it comes to nighttime entertainment, customs and culture. However, it's not a novelty that a country has strange laws, whether it's forgotten legal norms that no one pays attention to, or simply strange laws that make perfect sense in that country.

Thailand has gained the reputation of a wild place, partly because of Hollywood films, partly because of some other things...

This exotic destination attracts a huge number of tourists. But before you decide to pack your bags and jump on a plane to this south-asian country, be sure to know what laws in Thailand are important to all tourists.

Respect the monarchy!

Every day, at 8 am and 6pm, citizens throughout Thailand cease their activities. Even in chaotic Bangkok, pedestrians stop in their tracks to pay tribute to the most respected entity in Thailand - the monarchy.

In these hours, the anthem is being played, and everyone (and tourists) is expected to be calm and give honor to the country. This is just one of the ways in which Thai people pay tribute to the monarchy. Any joke or criticism of the royal family can cause you great trouble - so keep your tongue between your teeth.

Watch your step

Pay special attention while walking on the streets of Thailand, if you do not watch your step, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law! It is forbidden to step on thai currency, and doing so (even by accident) can get you in trouble!

This law is in regard to the great respect expressed to the monarchy. Basically, you must not trample the royal family. People usually do not have a habit of trampling money, but Thailand is definitely not the right place to develop this habit.

Drugs and alchohol in Thailand

The age limit for alcohol consumption is 20. Compliance with this law is in the interest of bar owners, because it is not rare for the police to conduct raids in order to detect minors who consume alcohol or customers under the influence of illegal substances.

This does not mean that you can not buy alcohol if you are younger, but it is not advisable to do so. Guess why - it's possible to end up in jail.

The consumption of alcohol in Thailand is not allowed in the following places: Temples and other religious sites, Pharmacies, Public offices, Educational institutions, Gas stations, Public parks.

There are certain exceptions when it is permitted to violate these rules, for example, if the ceremony requires the consumption of alcohol. Be sure to avoid alcoholic drinks without permission in these places.

You should know that you can not buy alcohol at any time. From 2pm to 5pm, as well as after midnight until 11 am, alcohol sales are banned. It is interesting that it is not forbidden to sell alcohol on election day, the birthday of the king and the queen, and on special religious holidays. Not all sellers adhere to these rules, although they should.

Consuming any kind of drugs in Thailand is strictly forbidden. Even so, a "good" amount of drugs can bring you the death penalty! So don’t expect any medicinal products legalization any time soon.

Do not litter

Disposing garbage where it should not be disposed is very bad behavior, regardless of where you are. The difference in Thailand is that their police highly values the cleanliness of their country and are ready to defend it at a high price (for your pocket).

Throwing gum into the street will cost you about € 400 (if you get caught). You do not have money to pay? Well too bad, you're going to jail! Just be on the alert, there was a situation where people were pretending to be inspectors and trying to extort money for tourists.

If you find yourself in such a situation, ask them for an ID - it will scare them and they should quickly disappear.

Put your helmet on

You may have seen a lot of videos of traffic chaos in Asian countries, but that does not mean that you should drive unsafe. One of the easiest ways to transport in Thailand is to ride a motorcycle, and if you have a practice to drive without a helmet (why?), here's another reason to put it on, which is punishment. The amount of penalty may vary depending on the day and location.

Carry your passport at all times

You violate the law in Thailand if you do not have an identification document at all times. This is why many car and motorcycle rental agencies require you to leave them your passport - because they know you need to get back for it.

In most cases, tourists leave passports in the hotel's safe or in some other secure location. When you are in Thailand, you must carry your passport with you. There were cases in which tourists were arrested because they did not have a passport.

In addition, if you have a passport with you, you must pay attention to his condition. The requirement that your passport be valid for a certain period after your visit is common in many countries.

In case of Thailand it is at least six months after the date of entry into the country. It is also important that you have no torn pages or any other damage, because you may be denied entry at the border.

You can also carry a copy of the first page, and the page where you got your entry stamp on, instead of the original one.

Respect the laws of this Asian country and you will enjoy all the magic of Thailand with no problems.