My Story so far


I have had a very cool profession for the past 5 years. My job is to travel around the world and ride motorcycles, funny enough I got paid for it. Over the years many of you have asked me how I do it so I thought I will document the journey here especially the most recent journey the South American escapade.

My name is Rohith Subramanian. I am from a coastal city in south India called Chennai growing up I was always fascinated with motorcycles. My dad got me into it and the love has increased over the years. I started riding full time for a living in 2016 when I decided to ride around India for 180 days covering all the state and union territories. There were 2 simple rules about this trip which I self imposed on myself.

1. Never stay in a hotel or a hostel, stay in friends house or strangers house maybe as this gives a better understanding of the city than locking myself into a room without any outside connection.

2. Do one new job in every state I visit to learn a new skill. I was a waiter, chai-wala, truck cleaner, farmer to name a few.

Post riding around India I went to South East Asia for a few months riding different motorcycles around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.

All these rides gave me perspective and a feeler of what riding a motorcycle for a living is like but what sealed the deal for me was riding around Europe for 6 months.

Photo of My Story so far 1/3 by rohith

I decided to land in Spain and start riding zic-zac across Europe and then made my way up north to Norway post which I went to the UK and finished my trip in Ireland.

This journey across Europe opened up a world of opportunities for me. I started camping out which changed the way I travel-led.

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I still remember my first day in Europe. I was in Barcelona without knowing any Spanish sitting and bargaining with an old-man who speaks absolutely no English about the price of the bike I was wanting to buy.

I am an old school romantic. The love for Royal Enfield will always be there in my heart so I picked up a standard 500 in Spain, did a quick self service and left for this trip.

Photo of My Story so far 3/3 by rohith

Over the years the size of my bag has reduced drastically but what filled my bag in Europe was Castrol oil cans! For me I love to do oil changes by myself and I am extremely brand loyal if its Enfield irrespective of where I am riding I need my Castrol #Power1Cruise in my bag as I always felt the engine oil is the most important thing to carry along with your other spares in a long journey like this for your trusted companion to support your ride.

The Europe journey went like a breeze post which I came back to India and started planning the next big adventure which was a break from the motorcycle trips so I took an old vintage matador, converted it into a VW bus and rode around India for 6 months with a friend.

Life on the road is always good. :)