Best Places for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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We all know that the world where we live has several incredible as well as beautiful attractions on offer. Most of them are marvelous places that attract tourists from all corners of the world. From man-made structures developed to the amazing sights offered by Mother Nature, this world has all things on offer. Here are some of the top places to visit and/or live.

Colorado Grand Canyon

One of the most magnificent spots in the world, found in the United States, the Colorado River has cut one of the steepest canyons on the planet. 18 miles wide, more than 1 mile deep and more than 275 miles in length, this canyon is humongous. It developed over more than 6 million years. The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world. It's definitely one of my most treasured memories.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the the biggest coral reef in the earth. Not only that, this is a national heritage of Australia, or we must say that it is also a World Heritage site. But this amazing natural structure is now in big danger because of global warming.


India is the land of a thousand cultures, and a tourist haven because this country has several beautiful spots on offer. Tourists from all over the world visit India to experience the rich cultural, assortment and warmth of hospitality of this country.

A nation of a billion in number and even now developing, it is the area wherein excess of 20 separate languages are used, where people from various vastly different religions come and live in harmony.

It's not a big surprise that it has been picked by magazines like National Geographic as a standout among the most lovely places on the planet.

New York

New York also known as the Big Apple is the most amazing place to live in the world, apart from this it is one of the largest metropolitan cities of the planet and the capital town of the United States.

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Beijing is the capital of China and one of the most astonishing places and most populated urban communities on the planet. It is also very significant from a historical perspective. Beijing was once the epicenter of the Qing and Ming Dynasties.

Beijing is known for its remarkable architectural delights and is likewise a vital social center. It's also the starting point for people wanting to visit the Great Wall of China.

Definitely a place I want to visit!

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Most important cultural, economical, fashion, and media hub of the world, New York City symbolizes all that is rich and famous in America. From the gorgeous Manhattan Skyline to the Empire State building, New York is a travelers' delight and really a most remarkable spot to visit.