Trek to Naneghat

8th May 2019
Day 1


This was my very first trek in my life and it was to naneghat .
Many people said it is a very diffucult trek , dont go instead go to Lohgad(lonavla)
But dont know why i wanted to go to this place Naneghat.

I have this friend of mine in office named Akshay he is a solo trekker and i was quite amused by his trek
and travel stories , so i approaced him for this trek .
And he was quickly ready and excited , we asked our all team member as we planned this trek on weekend .

So after the planning and all yes-no stuff , finally we were 5 people for trek:)
my 3 office colleagues , one my best friend Sarika (a friend since 19 years) and myself.

So the day for Trek came , it was 26th january 2019 .Our final members for trek are Akshay, Binita , Pratik , sarika(my friend) and Myself.
Pratik and binita took a train from Thane and Akshay and myself boarded the same train from dombivli .((Forgot to mention that I am proud Dombivlikar
though I am born and bought up in Santacruz :) , its like a mixture of both the cultures ))

Coming back to our trip, we got down at kalyan and met my friend sarika who was waiting there (she came from vasai).Later we took bus to Ahmednagar , it 
was a 1.5 hours roadtrip to the Naneghat base point.Somehow we managed to get a seat in bus (ST  bus) enjoying our chips and choclates .
We took bus at 7.45 am  and the bus stopped after an hour for short 10 minutes break where we had tea , coffee and some shengdana's
after 30 minutes we got down at the Naneghat base point at 9.30 am  and sat for breakfast .we carried parathas, upma, poha , ships and some choclates with us .
we all were hungry as we got up really early in the morning by 4-4.30 am , so we just attacked the food available:)
once we had done with all the eating stuff , we were ready for the trek .

First trek of my life , and it has to be special :)

All set at 9.45 am , we started walking to the awesome and adventurous journey and ofcourse my first time trek :)
it has a very interesting rather well managed entrance , i mean it is an blessing for the trekkers.They have made this nice seating arrangements with a realy nice rooftop.
Also there were toilets , but sorry to say not working :(

At the start it is a plain walking road and then it leads to high and higher mountains and you see this so huge oh SO  HIGH  naneghat in front of you.
You can also see some really not so seen animals , we saw a deer or hare ...dont really know what was it as they just ran off watching us :)

After this , we had some really hard rock patch ,hell it was not good .we really felt our heart in our hands , feeling each and every heartbeat , we can actually hear it .
But basically it was so like experiencing that yes you still exist not just to feel by others but feel yourself with you.
Everyone should have this experience of feeling yourself , feeling this that your heart actually talks to you, it was a kind of meditation in itself :) ....feel good.

After this we had some manmade stairs made up of stones and rock , walking was better on this but yes it was difficult as it was taking up and up with stiff and straight stairs
with ofcourse decrease in oxygen.It is the same till you reach the top with small plateau for walk , it came as a relief ofcourse.

We halted at one cave , it is at the top itself with really clean flooring and drinking water and its like you are stiing in an AC room, it was WOWW!! 

we had our another round of breakfast and took some 10 mins of rest.Main attraction here is you will see many monkeys coming and grabbing your food , so it is better to eat safely and keep the cave gates closed.
And then we took took our bags and started trekking and we trekked for another 15-20 steps and there we were to the TOP OF NANEGHAT ....FINALLY !!!!!!!!! IT TOOK 4 HOURS FOR US TO REACH THE TOP :)I PAT MYSELF FOR THIS .
Special THANKS to my friend Pratik for pushing us so much to walk and not sit continously:)


We waited there for some time , took picture , actually many pictures :). then we walked to the place where we booked our rooms and meals .It was a 15-20 mins walk on a plain and good road which was much needed 
for our legs :)

We reached our rooms , drop down our bags and relaxed , it followed by awesome and delicious chulha made veg food . we actually earned that food that day :)

We had our food and just went to sleep and indeed it was a much needed sleep after a trek of 4 hours and also to mention we  all woke up at 4.00 am :)

we all woked up at 4.30 pm  and got ready and had our tea and went for next point which is called sunset point which was just a 15 minutes trek to the top ofcourse without bags and it was such a relief to trek without bags.

We reached the sunset point at around 6.15 pm and the view from there was outstanding :) :)

One thing we realised that the nature is very beautiful but it is also dangerous if we dont keep ourselves in  control:)
we rested there for some 30 mins and came back to our rooms, it was dark there and winds were gushing like there will be a Thunderstorm soon .
we then chit chat , did star gazing as there were super view checking and seeing the stars.
we saw many milky ways , galaxies and many stars:) that night .

Then we headed for tempting dinner , it was a nonveg dinner (chicken - bhakari - rice) it was wonderful.
then we again chatted for some time and went to sleep as we all were very tired and legs were paining like anything.
It was damn cold at night but somehow we managed to sleep.

Next day sunday , we all woked up  early by 7.00 am , freshen up , had out breakfast and left for the return journey.
It took us 3 hours to come down, it was easy to come down , it is just you have to take smaller steps and be very careful while getting down as the wind pushes you dowm .

Once we were down we immediately got bus (that too AC bus) and we reached kalyan at 2.00 pm .We took our trains and went home.

Overall it was a really nice experience and it is an experience to cherish for lifetime:)

Tips for beginners -  Feel your each and every breathe while climbing, it is like meditation
                      Be careful while getting down , take small steps while coming down
                      Keep water and Glucon D handy in your bags, you will surely need it.
                      Wear good comfortable trekking shoes.

Learnings - Spend some time with yourself , it is much needed in this hectic life.
            Be thankful for what you have in life and live small moments , you will cherish this for lifetime.
            Go slow , take smaller steps to reach to the top , your time will definately come.
            And you can also have fun without Alcohol :)

Hope you like my blog on my first trek. Also to mention I am writing this blog for the firstime , it is my first Travel Blog :)
Hope you all will like it .Thank you.

Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre
Photo of Trek to Naneghat by Smita Mhatre