Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 1/11 by Kanika Kalia
Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 2/11 by Kanika Kalia
Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 3/11 by Kanika Kalia
Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 4/11 by Kanika Kalia
Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 5/11 by Kanika Kalia
Iceland is the land of spectacular waterfalls. The glacial rivers pouring out of the cliffs create some of the most wonderful sights, which you will not forget in a lifetime. Now I have not been lucky enough to tour this country to its entirety (though I will be returning to Iceland soon) but my 5 days in Iceland have been the best days of the year so far.
Putting together a list of the best waterfalls in Iceland is not an easy task. Specially if each one seems more superb than the last. If you have limited time like me and you happen to visit south east Iceland only, I have compiled a list of waterfalls that you just cannot miss. So sit back as I take you through "Waterfalls of Iceland: A Visual Treat".


Let me start by asking "Have you ever walked behind a waterfall?" Seljalandsfoss was love at first sight for me. The mere idea of being able to walk behind the waterfall was so thrilling that no wonder it tops my list. This waterfall is one of the most photographed places of Iceland.

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 6/11 by Kanika Kalia

How to reach? Seljalandsfoss is located at the road crossing of Route 1 (the Ring Road) and the road to Þórsmörk. It is located 20 minutes west of Skógar, and you can spot it from the Ring Road.

Do Not Miss: Right next to Seljalandfoss , hidden behind a small canyon is a beautiful waterfall named Gljufurarfoss pronounced "GLYOO-fir-owr-foss" . Do not miss this waterfall.

Quick Tips :

1) The best time to visit this waterfall is at sunset .

2) Since this is very touristy place, try reaching here early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid crowd.

3) Iceland weather is unpredictable, so at times it gets very windy making it very dangerous to walk behind the waterfall. Also do note that there is no person on duty or any kind of lifeguard near the waterfalls which means that you are very much on your own. Wear sturdy shoes (with grip) and water-proof clothes as you are sure to get wet.

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 7/11 by Kanika Kalia


It is a classically-shaped rectangular waterfall that is perhaps one of the most easily accessible waterfalls of Iceland. This 60 mts high , 25 mts wide waterfall is undoubtedly photographer's paradise.Why is it one of my favorites? Well I stayed at Hotel Skogar (which by the way I totally recommend) and this waterfall was literally right behind the hotel. To add to it , you can enjoy bird's eye view of this waterfall bu climbing up the stairs and views are breathtaking.

How to reach? Skogafoss is located 30 kilometres away from Seljalandsfoss, just off the ring-road 1. You can easily spot the waterfall from the road.


The first Viking settler at Skógar hid a chest filled with gold in a cave behind the waterfall. It is said that you can see the glistening of this gold from behind the waterfall on sunny days. Many men have tried finding the chest, and one man even succeeded in finding it. He tied a rope around the chest-ring and pulled .The ring came out and was used for the church door for the church at Skógar which one can see at Skógar museum.

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 8/11 by Kanika Kalia
Quick Tips:

1) Plan your visit early in the morning or after 9 pm (in summer). This was you will have enough light to enjoy the falls and you will be able to avoid other tourists.

2) Do not miss on climbing up the stairs. There are close to 450 or 500 stairs and trust me view from the top is totally worth the pain.


Gulfoss nicknamed as "The Golden falls" is a must see if you are touring Golden Circle. Check out my post here to find all about Golden Circle. This iconic waterfall offers spectacular views, as the water plummets in two stages almost perpendicular to each other into a rugged canyon with walls up to 70 meters in height. If you go on a sunny day you might be able to catch glittering rainbow in the mist giving Gulfoss its true name " The Golden Waterfall".

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 9/11 by Kanika Kalia

How to reach ?: It is located right off Route 35 just a few km past Geysir. It will be propbably one of the last spots on the Golden Circle if you start from Thingevellir. There are two parking areas. The lower lot is closest to the gorge and has great viewing spot . You can also climb up the stairs and get more aerial view of the fall.

Quick Tip : Wear waterproof clothes as you are bound to get wet because of the mist.


Öxarárfoss is the very last waterfall in North America. Confused? Well this waterfall is in Thingevellir National Park which marks the official division of North America and Europe.How cool is that??? Isn't it ?

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 10/11 by Kanika Kalia

How to reach? Well this is , as I said part of Thingevellir National park so you just cannot miss it. From Reykjavik it is close to 45 minutes drive towards central Iceland on Route 1.


Thanks to our host at "Lambastadir Guesthouse" who suggested us to visit this waterfall on our way to Selfoss. Urriðafoss is a waterfall located in the river Pjorsa in southwest Iceland. The Government of Iceland is planning to create a hydropower station on the river , so my suggestion is to see this waterfall till it lasts.

Photo of Waterfalls of Iceland: A visual treat 11/11 by Kanika Kalia

Well as I said, If there's one thing guaranteed about your trip to Iceland, it's that you'll leave the country with an urge to return. I plan to return to Iceland soon to chase remaining waterfalls. Trust me I have my list ready. Do let me know your suggestions of what I should not miss on my next visit to Iceland. I would love to know about your favorite waterfalls. Fell free to message me if you need more information in locating the waterfalls I just shared. Thank you for stopping by.

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