Where gold is not glitter.

31st Mar 2019
Day 1

The golden city of India.

Who guessed it right?  Yes it's amritsar, punjab where the Golden temple, the beauty and pride of this nation resides.

Like from childhood since i get to know how charismatic it is, genuinely the vibes of there are imitating and it was some kind of like pure bliss that last year i found myself sitting in front of it, crossing my legs aside that lake, Amritsar lake, yes that you would have seen in picture and blogs.

Trust me, that place is something else, when you go there, i mean the moment you enter inside the big white entrance of golden temple, you feel that Aura, that vibe, that strike you right at the centre of your core, i usually don't stay silent until there's something buzzing in my ears, but that was the day i didn't speak at all, right after i entered such an holy place, damn.
The presence of your own self can be felt, when the first tone of the song reaches your ears, that is ecstasy, pureness, happiness, tranquility. It was positively powerful, so positive enough that negative thoughts won't cross your mind.

There comes the thing while going in, our feets are mandatory to be cleaned so there was a set up where on a disk on  the floor, there is water in it which is kept there only to clean your feets. Though Golden temple is same like some other religious temples ,being an atheist, i love it.

The golden temple have the real gold on the top of the temple, which is situated between the Amritsar lake, which enhances it's beauty.

One thing which really triggered me there or say touched my heart were the people there, from sweeping to making food, to cleaning utensils and serving, all this is done by external people who are not the care takers of temple but came from nearby homes, they have the heart of gold real gold, they were so humble. They made food there and giving every visitor some thandai (sweet milk water)  which was so kind. That's why i said gold isn't glitter here.

It's a must doesn't matter you are an atheist or believer, you would anyway want to stay there longer, that's the freedom of happiness you get there.


Photo of Where gold is not glitter. by Vansha Mahan