31st Jan 2015
Photo of Chopta 1/6 by kamaljeet bhatti
Scenic beauty on the foothill of chopta
Photo of Chopta 2/6 by kamaljeet bhatti
Munnar what local calls them.
Photo of Chopta 3/6 by kamaljeet bhatti
View from chandershilla
Photo of Chopta 4/6 by kamaljeet bhatti
The mans best friend to recall memories
Photo of Chopta 5/6 by kamaljeet bhatti
Chnadershilla what more a view can it be!
Photo of Chopta 6/6 by kamaljeet bhatti
Tugnath Temple
In the foothills of Himalayan ranges just near to Chamoli this is one of best place as its unexplored and gives you an immense environment, which is beyond description. Although people have started exploring this place but number are quite low do to lack of knowledge and publicity. One who likes trekking, jungle area, wildlife then this is the place. When you trek to chandrashila at a height of 4000mt (13,000ft sea level)which gives you a panoramic view of various Himalayan ranges majorly Nanda Devi. So when ever you got time pack your bags and hit the road.