Most Enjoyable Road Trip with Friends - Delhi to Ranthambore


Ranthambore National Park can undeniably be the most famous tiger reserve in the country and have been witnessing the highest number of tourist visit every year. The sighting of the Royal Bengal Tigers walking majestically in the Royal forest of Rajasthan is something which will get you the Goosebumps. A truly rustic wilderness which is the natural habitat for the wild animals that includes frightening large predators and their innocent preys away from the human population has always been attracting the wildlife tourist.

If you too are a wildlife enthusiast and planning your tour from Delhi with your group of friends or with family, then what could be more enjoyable than a road trip from Delhi to Ranthambore. Around 8 hours of the road trip that lets you enjoy the varied ecology and vivid topography of the Rajasthan are something needs to be cherished for life. Whether you opt for the road trip by the bike or by the car, you will surely get some memorable experiences in this trip.

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How to Reach Ranthambore from Delhi by Road Route

The distance from the National Capital of India, Delhi to Ranthambore is around 375 km, which can be covered in the approx 8 hours of the continuous trip with the few stopovers in between the journey. The road trip duration may increase as per your stopover frequency for the sight-seeing and local exploration. However, the all the main roads are good from Delhi to Ranthambore and it will be a pleasurable journey if you take the main route without falling for the shortcuts.

There are few different road routes which can be opted to reach Ranthambore National Park from Delhi and the time duration to reach the park varies with the different routes. The road conditions of all the routes are more or less good and the journey will be enjoyable. Most of the tourists prefer the road route due to the adventurous drive and chances to explore several places located on the way. For the road trip, you also have the option to choose the state bus service running between Delhi to Ranthambore. However, the frequency of the direct bus service is less, but the Bus ride will be enjoyable and comfortable.

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There are two main road route commonly taken by the tourists which you can consider taking while planning for the Road trip from Delhi to Ranthambore-

1. Delhi - Daruhera - Alwar - Dausa - Lalsot - Ranthambore

2. Delhi - Jaipur - Dausa - Lalsot - Ranthambore

Among the both the above routes, the first one is the popular route as this will lessen your travel duration by one hour and also the road condition is pretty good and safe. And, also the scenery en route to Ranthambore is quite beautiful and enjoyable.

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Photo of Most Enjoyable Road Trip with Friends - Delhi to Ranthambore 4/4 by Arbind Kumar

Best Time to Visit Ranthambore by the Road Route

This is also the very important part of planning the road trip or you can say the first step of the road trip planning as if you choose the wrong time your enjoyable trip will become the disastrous trip. Always avoid the summer season if you are planning the road trip with the bike. The summer season, from March to June, is very hot in most of the Rajasthan region. So, if only you are traveling through the AC car or bus, go for the road trip.

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After the summer comes the monsoon season and during this season, from 1st July to 30th September, the park is closed. The park opens after the rainy season, from the 1st November and remains open till 30th June. The best time for the road trip is from November to February, as the weather is pleasant mostly during the daytime so the journey will be very enjoyable.