The Travelogue of Life and Death: Part 2 The Light is't forbidden ,living at Dharamkot (Cashless)


That is so true

Photo of Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

''See with eyes unclouded by hate" You never know what a movie could teach you. Princess Mononoke

Photo of Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon
Photo of Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

This land will put a charm on you.

Photo of Tushita Meditation Centre, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

This is how it would look like at the advent of summer

Photo of Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

My short term home and an only photograph clicked by Raja Ji, later send to me on Facebook. I did't even remember until i got this in my Inbox.

Photo of Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

I wish I could have showed you how that day was clouded, i could not find any picture that could do justice to my sight.

Photo of Bhagsu Falls, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

The most interesting part of the temple was seeing translators from all over the world for many of the foreign languages, everything was so organized and in a flow that it did't seem like a religious institution at all. The Holiness Dalai Lama had been there 2 days before so it was rather busy.

Photo of Bhagsu Falls, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

I wish i had been to Truind, my journey seems incomplete without having accomplished it.

Photo of Bhagsu Falls, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Malvika Duhoon

Though the photographs are not from my view, though it was't foggy but a lot of clouds to give it a mystic aura.

Her vigilante eyes

Photo of The Travelogue of Life and Death: Part 2 The Light is't forbidden ,living at Dharamkot (Cashless) by Malvika Duhoon

All we have got is this life and nothing else for remembrance. We know not where it comes

from and where it goes. Yet we cling to our material existence but maybe,

Its merely not an existence but a lot,

We will be questioned

Did you share when prosperous??

spread when happy??

abjure all your dark?

protect what you sought?

So What you made of your reasoned luck?

and did you love with all your heart?

Sometimes you think about this Universe,

But every aspect of it was right where you belonged.

because it was't merely an existence but a lot and beyond.

I woke up at 11:00 the next morning, my eyes have been given this outstanding view that I wonder how have they been ignorant of such a spectacle. Every range of Himalayas is uniquely distinct from the other. Dharamkot was hazy, clouded and rain full in October, moderate at days and cold at nights. Reality came with acceptance and the light was forbidden no more.* I cannot let my doubts about the world and myself come in my belief, i had to see this world with my 'eyes unclouded by hate'* All ears to the music playing in the cafes now, in quest of everything that i could register with all my senses, I decide to break all the stereotypes unjustified by my soul.

By evening I found myself cooking and washing up for room and meals for these two guys running a travel book office along with a shop for bags & accessories, it was also a place where you can learn to make your own dream caches, the booking office was room for both of them to sleep, I had the other shop to me & partner. A smaller shop was our kitchen with no slap and the washroom was open for visitors too. Both of them happened to be a little intimidating but I had been given the eyes to see within, they were fun and understanding. A I'm Alon urf Prince and Raja ji urf Daroga ji with a Baba Jan staying at the adjoining guest house mostly present at the office were to be my companions for rest of my stay.

" I met people with a soul, maybe the fault was not in people but your thinking and my dear friend, everything good and bad, positive or negative persists because of thinking." It seemed that it was my company, presence and easy laugh that they liked and yes I'm a good cook . Me and Hachi went out post breakfast and would come back after dusk. First day from there I went to this spot I had discovered from the backyard of my previous accommodation but never cared to visit before, at the terrace of an under construction building that looked across this deep valley. I was staying so close to this spot yet that was to be the time I saw it all. Distant homes, the arboreal, myriad shades of color and form, clear yet obscure. My meditation started with gazing at every piece of 'it' to absorb it within me. ''Every aspect of nature becomes more beautiful if we find our place in it"* It showed itself at my 'watch',the clouds would get softer, wind more tranquil, a bright aura refurbished every part of it and I became observant of more life forms, specially birds. I had become part of this spectacle as a spectator. An eagle soared up in the sky gliding within the wind with that apex view and I just sat and saw its flight wondering weather it would know how I esteemed that sight. Next day I arrive at the same spot same time, after a while it appeared out of nowhere, in time it was aware scanning my watch. We made a sharp eye contact, I felt a cryptic fear but continued to watch in admiration in respect in awe,afterwords it starts to show me its best cuts and moves which were like telling me " This is what it feels like to fly with the wind in control of your spirit and form.'' Next day i witness it flying closer than usual, which almost scared me, close enough for Hachi to notice its presence above our heads. It flied away after sometime to perch in the woods with the earth now making me realize that there is beauty in everything if I had the eyes to watch, the vision in which the old values blend in with the new I had to let go of everything that had made me hate, knot and depend. I was capable of concealing it withing me, did not wanted to emit it but I guess my lessons for this trip were't complete till the end of it. I did not see that eagle again but ever since I have started to notice them everywhere specially when I have made an important decision, change,realization or found something so ordinary and simple that it becomes extraordinary.

Return at the shop was heart warming with my Dharmkot family, a happy Daroga ji with his evil grin, the Prince with his romantic vows in Hindi song that he knew irritated me, Baba Jan and yes customers cum visitors from around the world mostly Israel. Daroga ji always ready to help me for evening dinner, happy to get my company as he's bad with colloquial English and No Hebrew but an absolute Raja in his desi Punjabi jargon. The Prince busy with his short and new friends, usually girls who found him charming & resembling an Israeli. Turns out there is also a Hebrew song to an Indian boy by an Israeli girl who has fallen for him. Baba Jan busy sermonizing anyone whose interested.

Next day was the Buddhist temple, Macleodganj. I had to take Hachi along without any idea how am I gonna visit the temple with her along. I asked a shopkeeper at the entrance weather I could tie her in his watch till the time I visit the temple and he agreed. The energy encompassed within the temple is magnificent yet palpable in super sense. I saw so many Buddhist monks and the gaiety with calm that showed on their visage, posture and presence was ostensible in a spiritual sense. As i walked out I see Hachi siting in her watch position waiting, overwhelmed at my arrival. I asked the shopkeeper if she had caused him any trouble and he told me that she had been sitting quiet from my departure to arrival, the energy envisaging that place was super apparent now. We payed our respect to it for making it possible and started back for home. It started raining as we moved out of the vicinity, soon it was a downpour that continued for 2 hours. It was dark by the time we reached Dharamkot, me and Hachi would have been frozen if we did't had to walk all the way up, in a way it was good that I did not had money because I perceived the contemplative power of walk on the mountains roads. Welcomed with hot tea, a no need for dinner its an order for food day along with proposal for some rum if need be. Whenever I got sullen in my thoughts they would make me know from them that I had to be what I was if I really was where would be .Hachi in deep slumber with her body upside down tail in position through laughs and music of all tempo.

Next day my knee and me ready for Bhagsu falls, Hachi for everything '' Go on, I'm loving it. Don't worry you are not the only one and I'm here" Not much of a fall but something is a lot more than nothing. Way to the falls is beautifully paved with sight in clouds almost like a walk with the clouds. Sometimes its clear with a rainbow ish light and then you are in cloudust again. I could even smell it tingly yet firm, like the smell came laughter & let go, tingly & firm V1 & V2 even the r eminence of this encounter make me burst into a nostalgic laugh, whom I had been in a random conversation with and accompanied to Dharamkot where they were to stay too. Married, reserved yet polite and conversant. Even till we reached back I had no idea that i will be having my dinner and laughing the most in an evening with these two people I saw as reserved & serious. Hachi stuffed with Chicken treat haplessly dead in her sleep through our shriek full laughter. They left for Truind the next morning, my knee was't fit enough for Truind plus I had no cash. Baba Jan who was staying at the same place told me that our voices were audible in his adjoining room and that it had permeated the place, he could even hear my sudden raptures but I would burst out laughing at anything funny any one them had said absolutely forgetting what had caused me trouble, childlike to quickly discover what was to keep and what to let go yet still a little adamant to not let go.

Something had transformed again. I was more than yesterday but not all, I let go more of my past behind unknown that I had to give it all. Somehow I was flustered again with a call to solve it immediately. Everything was fine but I wanted more of private, silence, less people, ''A room of one's own''* where i can be un- thinking and I knew just the place to be, Kalga deep within Parvati valley. I had been there before in summers and it had become a 2nd home.

Reflection came next, maybe a female company was just what I wanted. Liran was in India with her 72 years old father, more interested in traversing across the cultural and native rather than Israeli cults. Insightful, inquisitive but genuinely concerned and I knew she understood it from a woman's point of view with a reality check that this world has been indeed cruel to women in many ways. I met other girls but she was unique, sensitive, thoughtful and humane. An extensive discourse with her made me ponder on how my escapades would have hurt my parents and family specially my mother who stood with me fighting everything for what she called my right. I had not even used my phone except for occasional calls made at home in 2-3 days, I was in a meditation course for my parents. It was unbecoming of me. She came in again to invite me for tea with her father who would love to meet an Indian girl whom his daughter had befriend. ''Sometimes you need not sacrifice what you think but adapt something that is in the best wishes of the people who love you" I could barely sleep that night .

Daroga ji had already stuffed us with Aloo paranthas specially made by him, packed some for our way and offered to drop us till Dharamshala. Prince offered me 2000 Rupees ,on my refusal he declared that they would have spend 5000 and more on liquor and food if I was't staying. Guess he also knew that i had no cash on me as I never spend a dime on anything while I could pass for a well to do person. Both of them tried to convince me in staying till next day but did't insist after my refusal, I apologized for any trouble or discomfort that we had caused them. Baba Jan blessed me telling me that I need not worry too much as I was guided from inside & above, what I ought to do is listen & follow. We bid adieu to our family, met Liran at the Tushita with an invitation of a tour to Meerut when she reach Delhi before her departure, but my travel had distant plans for me.

My view and me payed our reverence to the place that behold us, with a prayer to its sanctity. I found myself leaving for the next space. On our way we cross our path with an elderly monk whose face was illuminated with a celestial smile as soon as I put my eyes on him, it makes me almost laugh and cry at the same time, some feelings can never be put in words they are too eternal and sacred to be put outside, I smiled back with something I never had. It was so piercing and pure that a single drop of tear rolled down my cheek. ''There were the ones who were indifferent to a smile but i had looked at the one who could make an indifferent smile." Moving on with the unknown and all known, I was lost to the mountains again.