Dubai has it all!!

10th Jul 2012
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Day 1-Snow world at the emirates mall, Snow world is a good place for those who haven't visited Switzerland (because it is Switzerland that provides most of snowy activities) or who haven't been at the north of India during the extremes. With me having visited both of them, it was a pretty dull affair with very few rides available with the basic entry ticket(the rest and the best were chargeable). So overall i wouldn't recommend to anybody.Moving ahead from the emirates mall,we went over to Mina bazaar, where you get a lot of duplicate items original lookalike at a very cheap price and in abundance. So for shopaholics, it is a must visit. In the evening was a dhao cruise, very lame, Avoid.

Day 2- Desert Safari, simple awesome, action packed, if you don't have any issues of vomiting and all it is going quite a thrill for you. Avoid the back seats in the SUV if you are of the 40+ age group. The complete package of desert safari also includes a belly dance show which reflects an Arabic culture and good to watch followed by a lavish dinner and a return journey back to your hotel. So sit back and enjoy the ride to the fullest, everything is taken care of by the tour operator. ;)

Day 3- Set out early, we are going to Abu Dhabi. At an hours distance (thanks to those brilliant highways), the first thing of the day was the mosque. White, shiny, beautiful, humongous and breath taking. Enjoyed every bit of this architecture marvel, starting from the entrance, the pool, the tomb, the pillars, the architecture, the carpet, the ambiance and trust me, the lavatory as well. A must visit, can be included as one of the highlights of the trip. Moving ahead our second and last destination of the day was the Ferrari world, even if you are excited like hell, don't worry this thing is not going to disappoint you. Shows a well portrayed timeline and the evolution of Ferrari. the best part is yet to come, the world's fastest roller coaster, even if you have to stand in a Que for hours, just do it. rest other rides are just average, can be skipped, can be done if you have time.

Day 4- Emirates mall, quiet a mall for the classy people. The fountain show was amazing, also the mall serves as the entry to the Burj khalifa, the tallest building in the world till date. Worth a visit.

Day 5,6- As the saying goes, save the best for the last, this is it. The Atlantis- palm Jumeriah. Beautiful hotel, engineering at its best. Must stay for at least a day. Apart from the hotel, the water park is also good. Very happening place, Good people everywhere and there are also 2 swimming pools if you just want to sit back and relax. Atlantis- defines luxury. To make things even better, there is an aquarium too where you can find not so rare, but definitely beautiful fishes although some are rare. So it can be tiring if you are here only for a day, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring this piece of engineering, a man made island. A must must visit.

P.S.- There are many other things i missed out on, for example Sky diving, the Sheikhs palace in AbuDhabi, the world islands and the yellow boat rides. So my advice is, before going out for a trip abroad, go through the internet thoroughly and thanks for reading my article, Hope it helps. :)