Here's Looking at All the Hidden Beaches Around the World to Add to Your Bucket List


Being a mountain lover myself, my first time on the beach was only two years ago. And safe to say, the experience changed me for the better. Here are a few hidden beaches around the world that we bet you haven’t heard of.

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Photo of Playa del Amor, Paso a Playa del Amor, Oaxaca, Mexico by Garima Kumar

Playa Del Amor or Hidden beach in one of the Marietas Islands derives its name from the fact that it is located inside a cave-like structure. From what looks like a small hole amidst the sweeping green swathes of the island aerially, is on a closer look, an enormous hole (believed to be a result of bombings by the Mexican government) that opens onto a secret beach not many know of.

Linden Beach, Bulgaria


Photo of Here's Looking at All the Hidden Beaches Around the World to Add to Your Bucket List by Garima Kumar

Just a small walk down the Bulgarian coast from Sinemorets on the Black Sea, is Linden beach hidden in plain sight. This silver-sanded beach derives its name from Linden trees (or commonly called lime trees) which constitute a thick forest cover along the beach.

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Photo of Pwll Du Beach, Southgate, Swansea, UK by Garima Kumar

A small, isolated beach on the southern coast of Wales on the Gower Peninsula, PwllDu literally means ‘black pool’ in Welsh. The beach has no facilities, owing to its seclusion and is only accessible on foot.

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Photo of Mākua Beach, Hawaii, USA by Garima Kumar

One of the most secluded beaches in Oahu, Makua sits at the bottom of Makua Valley from where it derives its name and is surrounded by Waianae Mountain Range. Though the beach does not have any facilities, the clear blue waters and majestic beauty of the surroundings are sure to charm you right away.

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