Beaches of Tenerife

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Tinerfeños love an outing to the beach. Throughout summer, especially at weekends, the beaches on Tenerife are full of locals enjoying the sun, sand and sea. However, if manicured beaches with perfectly aligned rows of sun beds leave you cold, don’t worry there are plenty of alternatives waiting to be discovered along Tenerife’s diverse coastline. Tenerife has natural black volcanic sandy beaches that have a very exotic appeal to them, as well as golden sand and white sand beaches that have been specially made with tons of sand that was brought over from the Sahara.Some of the beaches are in large resorts, whilst others are on the seafronts of much smaller fishing villages. Some of the island's best beaches are in the hot and dry south but there are equally popular ones in the cooler north of Tenerife too.
Playa del Socorro is one of the most popular beaches for the surfing crowd, due to its strong swell. The beach itself is a long stretch of natural volcanic sand, offering beautiful natural scenery and a friendly atmosphere. The approach road winds through banana plantations and charming old haciendas to this very popular beach. The beach is in the La Octavia region which consists of more coastal villages and beautiful countryside, as well as several Tenerife beach playgrounds. Fantastic vineyards, secluded beaches, fine restaurants and bars, towns like San Juan de la Rambla and others, this area is a touristic hot spot. The neighborhood is somewhat dominated by the resort city of Puerto de la Cruz, where you'll find anything and everything an Island traveler needs.
Photo of Playa del Socorro Los Realejos by Neha Desai
Photo of Playa del Socorro Los Realejos by Neha Desai
Playa Bollullo is just outside Puerto de la Cruz, a road that leads almost from the TF5 exit 32 towards El Rincon. Playa Bollullo is a hidden gem of a beach delight on Tenerife. It is a black sand, secluded stretch of seaside that visitors to the resort at Puerto de la Cruz will love. Only accessible by foot traffic, this stretch of volcanic sand is a favorite with locals intent on lapping up the Canarian sun. There is a small shack slash cafe bar that offers drinks and some food to beach-goers. A larger restaurant sites at the far end of the beach and offers excellent food.
Photo of Puerto de la Cruz by Neha Desai
Playa de Las Teresitas, is one of Tenerife's most popular beaches. Unlike most of the others on the Island, characterized by all black volcanic sand, this beach was rejuvenated at a point with sand from the Sahara, making it all the more white than others. It’s many people’s idea of what a tropical beach should look like. A crescent shaped, lagoon-like bay with golden sand lapped by aquamarine waters teeming with tropical fish. Add palm trees and a dramatic mountain backdrop and you’ve got a perfect setting. It’s a man made beach, but it looks great.
Photo of Playa de las Teresitas by Neha Desai
Playa de Masca is a wonderful, isolated beach with stunning turquoise waters located at the end of the Masca Ravine. The beach has pristine volcanic sand and is completely remote, reachable by boat from the harbor of Playa de San Juan or the marina at Los Gigantes, both to the south of here. An alternative route to Playa de Masca is on foot, although the winding footpath from the hamlet of Masca is quite difficult to negotiate. The beach certainly rewards those who make the effort to reach it however. Set at the base of the impressive Teno cliffs, with a beach of black sand and pebbles, it remains one of the few genuinely unspoiled beaches in Tenerife. Playa de Masca is in the Buenavista del Norte neighborhood which is outstanding for diversity of landscape and touristic activities. It is one of the best kept secrets of these Islands. Anchored in tradition, the beautiful settlements along this part of the Tenerife coast are as fascinating as they are picturesque and quaint. Be sure and visit Valle del Palmar, Teno Alto, Masca and Los Carrizales, places of undeniable charm and beauty. When you tire of photo ops and sightseeing, world class golf and a thriving nightlife are at hand too.
Photo of Playa de Masca by Neha Desai
Photo of Playa de Masca by Neha Desai
Playa de Los Guios, also known as Playa de Argel, is a popular beach located between the famous Los Gigantes cliffs and the Acantilados de Los Gigantes tourist complex. The beach is right next to the Poblado Marina, a famous yacht marina on Tenerife. At the beach, sun-seekers can enjoy fantastic sunshine (the beach is one of the sunniest on the island), spectacular black sands and generally calm waters that make it a great place to swim. Playa de Los Guios also offers one of the most incredible views of Los Gigantes, the most impressive cliffs in Tenerife.
Photo of Playa de Argel by Neha Desai
Playa de Antequera is located at the very north-western tip of the Island, near the town of Roque de Antequera. The beach is very secluded and beautiful, with excellent, fine, volcanic sand. The water here can be quite rough at times, so swimmers need to take care. This beach is not so easy to reach as there is no road access to Playa de Antequera, while the trail that exists is quite difficult to negotiate. Most people come here by charter boat from Santa Cruz or San Andres. Due to its remoteness, there are no facilities here so you need to come prepared. Playa de Antequera is in the Anaga neighborhood of Tenerife. You can enjoy some of the most important sites here including; Castillo de San Andres, Teresitas Beach, the Anaga Massif, and many more iconic places. Nightlife, outdoor adventures like surfing and diving, and a whole world of activities are available here.
Photo of Playa de Antequera by Neha Desai
Set well away from the main town of El Medano and the beach of the same name, La Tejita beach is a remarkable, semi-hidden treasure. A stunning, one-kilometer beach of fine golden sands that is incredibly, almost completely free of sun-seekers, something that makes it quite popular with nudists. The beach can be reached by following the trail through the incredible Montan Roja nature reserve (itself a wonderful attraction). There are no facilities at the beach, aside from a few stands selling liquid refreshments, but its beautiful natural environment, its calm waters and its pristine sand more than make up for that.
Photo of La Tejita by Neha Desai
The black sand beach here is definitely for people who want to travel far from the madding crowd. Situated beside the tiny fishing hamlet of Roque Bermejo, you might struggle to find this one as there’s no road leading to the village. The only way in or out is by boat; alternatively, a two hour walk from Chamorga at the end of the TF123 will bring you to this beach at the eastern tip of Tenerife’s world.
Photo of Roque Bermejo by Neha Desai