New year at Goa

28th Dec 2020
Day 1

Reached goa at 9 in the morning with one of my friend. Let me tell you that 4 of my friends were planning this new year trip to Goa but only 1 showed up. I was already expecting that because I know how people plan's trip and then ditch you at the last moment. So we reached goa, at first we visited Colva beach as it was nearby, had few beers and breakfast from a beach shack. After breakfast we took a bus to panjim and then from panjim to arambol, as I was travelling for the 4th  time to  goa, so I know places, so we reached arambol at 1pm, booked a room online for 670 Indian rupees, let me tell you not to book in advance as they show high prices for cheap rooms on their online portals, so after reaching goa always ask for room prices near beach from people who are working at those shacks, they will help you in finding accommodation, also do not book room for more than 2days at one time because most people visit goa for new year only so the prices will eventually decrease as soon as new year will get over. So we checked in and keep our phones on charging and hit the beach straight away. It was already 7 in the evening,  we didn't had enough time to explore so we went to our room after having dinner.

Photo of Arambol, Goa 403524, India by Kapil Bhardwaj
Day 2

There are  network issues all over goa specially in North Goa, only Vodafone is working rest others are not working so always bring Vodafone sim card while traveling to goa. So this was our day 2 at Goa, we were staying at this place known as God's gift, it's nearby arambol beach. So we woke up, went to the beach then came back to our room at around 12 pm. If you've ever been to arambol, you might of heard of this place known as banyan tree, this place is crazy, it's a 3km walk from arambol sweet lake, sweet lake is next to the arambol beach, you can easily find the trell to sweet lake. From sweet lake you can ask anyone or you can ask locals who are working at beach shacks, they will guide you, once you'll reach banyan tree, you'll find people from different parts of India and from world, who are chilling and smoking weed. Basically banyan tree as the name tells is a big old banyan tree with big branches, the branches are open so they've created a space in between them, where all people come and sit. You'll find babas and Yogis there, it's a nice place to relax. So we went there spend few hours, few people were playing guitars and congo, we joined them. It was fun. Then we came back to our room at evening, had few beers and that's the end of day 2. Due to network issues I wasn't able to capture anything or else I would have saved few snaps and posted here but I don't have any. So will add photos if I'll visit this place next time.