Goa - South and more

5th Feb 2015
Photo of Goa - South and more 1/4 by Stacey Mendoz
Photo of Goa - South and more 2/4 by Stacey Mendoz
Photo of Goa - South and more 3/4 by Stacey Mendoz
Photo of Goa - South and more 4/4 by Stacey Mendoz

Well you can never go wrong with Goa. This must be my umpteenth trip to Goa and gosh I love it so much. Every time I go to Goa I manage to see a different side. A friend of mine gave the option of staying at his apartment while he was away. I humbly obliged and decided that I would use my time to explore south goa.

I have been to south goa several times but this was my first time to Betalbatim and Benaulim.

We were staying at this very place 5 mins away from the beach. This beach is a very quite one with technically no tourists at all. The shack was extremely fun with good food and obviously KINGS
This beach was more like a retirement home but it was BEAUTIFUL. The sunset was spectacular and it was really comfortable for a swim . Again a very very quiet beach with no one around. Just lazing in one of three shacks with a nice book and some music. The sunset is totally worth it and if you are looking for silence and quietude - this should be one of your picks.
We decided to look at the map and explore. My experience of Bogmalo 8 years ago was completely different from this one. The crowd is definitely very desi. The ride from Majorda until Vasco is fine, however after a bit it does a little city like. Was it totally worth it , ? I didnt quite like the vibe., however I do know at one point it used to be a great beach.
I used to love Palolem at a point in time , but now I see it is really commercial . I didnt quite think it would be so crowded and touristy!