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Road trips are boring, unless you keep experimenting new stuff, keep breaking your own records,which is exactly what we did. After a jog to Bogmalo beach from our college campus, BITS Pilani in Dabolim, normal people would've gotten exhausted and headed back. We weren't normal that day. Never mind the tiring jog of over 14 km, early, we were ready to go on a roadtrip to the north. We went to Vasco, rented a scooty and were off on a road trip. We hadn't decided anything about the journey. We hadn't decided the destination, we just started off for North Goa, for as far as we could go.
Stacey Mendoz
We decided to look at the map and explore. My experience of Bogmalo 8 years ago was completely different from this one. The crowd is definitely very desi. The ride from Majorda until Vasco is fine, however after a bit it does a little city like. Was it totally worth it , ? I didnt quite like the vibe., however I do know at one point it used to be a great beach.
We went south from there, driving along the coast. Stopped in Bogmalo for a quick swim and a simple but steep 200 rupee lunch of rice and dal fry. A cutesy, soft sand beach with a large block of a hotel towering over the beach.
Bogmalo is a small, secluded, overlooked beach in Vasco. It is a stark contrast from the crowded and bustling ones in Panjim or Madgaon. The entire beach stretches for less than 1 km and has 3 prominent places to eat and one damn expensive place to stay.I love this place because:1. I have been here countless times during my undergraduate years.2. It offers a respite that other beaches don't.3. You can do a lot of things - watch football/cricket matches, play pool/billiards and sing during the Karaoke nights.