Goa with my Girl Gang: Day 2 ( Dudhsagar Trip)

4th Mar 2017
Photo of Goa with my Girl Gang: Day 2 ( Dudhsagar Trip) by Vagabond
Day 2

We had to wake up early in the morning. It was not an easy task, waking up early in Goa is never an easy task. We had our Dudhsagar trip planned today. The tour operator provided transportation. The traveler picked us up from our home-stay. There were around 15 people including us. They stopped for breakfast in their designated place. The café was a bit expensive but their south Indian food tasted good.

We left from Goa at around 9:30 am. It took around 1 hour to reach the base village of Dudhsagar. It was a clear sunny day. The guide gave us some basic guidelines and divided us into smaller groups of 8-9 people. The road trail was through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary so we boarded a forest department jeep. The jeep cost and the Sanctuary entry fee were included in the package.

The road was through forest, it was not that dense as it was March. We had to cross the Mandovi river couple of time, which was a thrill itself. The road condition was extremely poor, which makes it impossible to use it in monsoon. Trekking is the only option in monsoon. It took us almost one hour to reach the end of the road, the last 1 km we had to trek. We were more than happy to walk after the long painful ride. The trek was easy, you just need to follow the trail through the rocks. It took us around 10 minutes to reach the base of the waterfall. And here it was, the mighty Dudhsagar.

It was breathtaking, it looked magnificent even in the spring. I couldn't even imagine how it would look in the monsoon. I decided then itself, I have to come here again once, in monsoon. The place was crowded. Many were swimming in the plunge pool. I learned swimming in childhood and was out of practice for long. The pool was very deep too, so I didn't take risk and decided to relax in the rocks surrounding the pool and enjoy the beauty of the Dudhsagar from distance. It felt awesome, laying on the rocks, watching Dudhsagar coming down from that great height. One of my friend was a good swimmer, she enjoyed fullest. You can enjoy swimming here too but life jacket is mandatory and take extra clothing, changing rooms are available there.

The jeeps wait for only 1:30 hours so you can enjoy the waterfall for 1 hour only. One hour seemed very short to us. The place is so beautiful, you can't keep track of time. None of us wanted to return but still we had to. There was a family with us in the jeep, when we returned to our jeep, they were still not back. It was way past time limit, but the driver was very good, so we waited for them. There was a small shop selling packed foods like biscuit, chips. They were demanding higher rates but we were very hungry, so bought some food. Meanwhile the family came back and we started our return journey.

We reached the base village and found out everyone else in our group was already there and waiting for us. The traveler dropped us in the spice plantation park, which was around 10 minutes away. They welcomed us with kumkum and garland and offered us spice tea. The park has its own guide who gave us some basic information of the plantation and asked us to have our lunch first and then he will take us to the tour.

They organized buffet lunch. Both veg and non-veg items were available. They served authentic Goan cuisine and the dishes were delicious. Here you can enjoy Feni (a local liquor) too, free of cost. We ate like apes and stopped only when we found out everyone else has completed their lunch. The fish and the chicken dishes were really tasty.

We had no intention to walk and see trees after that grand lunch but we thought it would be rude to refuse the guide and agreed. Later we realized it would have been a mistake, the tour was very interesting. The guide took us around the plantation and gave brief information about various trees. We could see some spice trees there which we only had seen in books previously. The guide had great knowledge about the trees and their uses and he explained everything very nicely.

There is a shop from where you can buy spices and some natural oils. We started our return journey from there, and in one hour, we were in Goa. We stopped near the 'basilica of bom jesus'. I was enthralled to see the centuries old church. We spend some time there, roaming around the church. We saw the gallery too, it had many old and beautiful paintings and sculpture.

It took us around half an hour to reach home form there. We were extremely tired so decided not to go anywhere in the evening. We took rest and left for dinner at around 8 o' clock. We went to 'Fat Fish'. It is a famous restaurant in north Goa which serves awesome sea foods. We heard about this restaurant from one our friends who visited Goa some time back. We found out that it was only 20 minutes' walk from our stay so, decided to take a walk instead of taking a cab. It was a mistake. 'Fat Fish' is in a deserted place, it is by the main road but still there was nothing nearby and the road didn't even have street lights in some places. So always take a cab if you want to go to any unknown place in Goa, even if it is nearby.

Luckily nothing bad happened and we reached Fat Fish safely. It was already crowded; all tables were occupied. We had to wait for around ten minutes to get a table. We ordered lots of sea foods and they were delicious. Do try their Modso Fish Fry, it's amazing. You can have Urrak (a Goan liquor) here too which is very hard to find in shops.

We didn't take any risk and booked a cab from there which dropped us near our stay. It was over 10 but none of us were in a mood to go back home so we started roaming around. That night we truly realized how unsafe Goa is. Almost all the shops close by 10 and the streets become deserted after that and you will find only drunk bikers zooming past you at high speed. There were no police even in the populated crossings. I will strongly advice, never roam around the streets at night, there is high chance you will get run over by some drunk driver. One more free advice, if you want to buy drinks, do that on time. The liquor shops get closed by 10. Yes, you can buy drinks after that too, there are some super markets which sale liquor at night in black. Now stop worrying and start packing your bags :)

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