Glorious Gwalior – Exploring the Royal Heritage on a day trip

Photo of Glorious Gwalior – Exploring the Royal Heritage on a day trip by anshul akhoury

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Madhya Pradesh is truly the heart of Incredible India. Diverse landscapes, rich history and wildlife makes this destination a box of surprises for travellers. The royal Bundelkhand region proves umpteen sightseeing opportunities. Among the many places worth exploring, Gwalior is one city that can be seen on a weekend trip.

Reaching Gwalior is easy. Direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai take you all the way to this royal heritage city. Off-course the dusty appearance of the town should not give you any assumptions about the splendours that you are going to experience during your trip.

Photo of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India by anshul akhoury

Here are some of the must have visit places in royal city of Gwalior –

Jayaji Chowk – Located in downtown Gwalior (I dunno what locals refer to this place), Jayaji Chowk is named after the scion of Scindia dynasty, Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia (1835-1886), whose marble statue placed on a high podium at the central park. This park is surrounded by beautiful structures sandstone carvings and beautiful paintings on the walls and facades. Among some of the notable buildings, you will find State Bank, General Post Office, Town Hall, and now abandoned Rani Lakshmibai Market, formally known as Victoria Market.

Right in this area, Badaa Market is the home to some of the oldest shops of the town. Small shops selling gold, silver and clothing are cluttered in this area.

Gwalior’s Sun Temple – Gwalior’s sun temple is constructed in the style of the Konark’s sun temple. You walk through a beautiful path organized with a garden on the way and finally reach the main temple structure. Just like Konark, the temple is structured like a Chariot with the idol of Sun God in the sanctum sanctorum.

Jai Vilas Palace ¬– The Scindia rural were huge fans of ornate structures and luxurious items. Jai Vilas Palace plays evidence to this fact. It is said, that when the palace was being built, the Scindia King would parade a dozen elephants on and around the roof to check its strength. Finally when the structure was proven to be strong enough, the palace was decorated with two Viennese chandeliers. Both these chandeliers weighed 3.5 tones. Jay Vilas Palace is a statement of modern Indian design at its finest.

Gwalior Fort – Gwalior Fort is one structure that needs an entire day to explore completely. Whether it is hiking up to the many temples of the fort or the enjoying the sound and light show at Man Mandir Palace, everything at Gwalior fort is an example of great artisanship. Among the lesser known attractions of the fort, the Shri Data Bandi Chhod Gurudwara, Sas Bahu Mandir, and Teli Ka Mandir are counted among the most prominent ones.

Photo of Glorious Gwalior – Exploring the Royal Heritage on a day trip by anshul akhoury
Photo of Glorious Gwalior – Exploring the Royal Heritage on a day trip by anshul akhoury

Gujari Mahal – Gwalior is famous for its museums. Gujari Mahal is undoubtedly the most famous among all. The perfect place to start your trip of Gwalior with, Gujari Mahal was built by Man Singh Tomar as a palace for his Gurjar queen, Mruganyani. The museum complex has temples, several galleries and gorgeous archways. The interiors of the museum boast of well crafted sculptures and many statues of prominent faces from the kingdom.

Tansen Tomb – Located near Gwalior Fort, Tansen Temple is an example of fine craftsmanship. The architecture and the designs on the tomb are worth marvelling at. Reaching the tomb is a little tough and you’ll either have to ask locals for the directions or depend on Google Maps for the correct path. The complex also contains the tomb of Mohammad Ghaus and there are many other smaller tombs.

Gopachal Parvat – Right near to Gwalior fort, you’ll find many rock cut statues. These statues are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras and are believed to be older than the fort itself.

Gwalior will leave you spellbound. The massive fort, the beautiful Tansen’s tomb complex and the serene Gujari Mahal, every place is worth visiting and exploring at-least once in the lifetime.