Now You Can Have a Whole Himachali Home to Yourself in Shoja


Rihaaish from the entrance!

Photo of Now You Can Have a Whole Himachali Home to Yourself in Shoja by Japleen Kaur

Shoja is often the village that people spend a few minutes at to sip on some tea or just stop to take a few pictures of the surreal view. It’s that village that lies in the middle of the famous Jalori Pass and Jibhi. What if I told you, you could stay in this village in a house that would be just yours? Rihaaish is that house, and here are all the details about it!

First glimpse of the vacation home

Photo of Shoja, Himachal Pradesh, India by Japleen Kaur

Ideal for

A family on a vacay, and a group of 4-6 friends that want to create new memories – this one is ideal for you. Couple’s can also find this place to be away from the crowd and hence get some privacy.

About the property

Located 2 km short of Shoja, you can easily spot the green-blue house from the road. A few steps will lead you to the little garden area upfront, that’s perfect for bonfires and picnics. The vacation home is a total of two floors with two neatly furnished mud rooms with their own washrooms on the upper floor. The corridor ends at a common room or the hall with traditional Himachali style seating for you to unwind at. I believe, the best conversations will definitely brew here. The view from the windows here is a mental picture worth keeping.

The two rooms adjacent to each other on the top floor

Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Japleen Kaur

The floor below has a kitchen with all the basic amenities and an inside Himachali dining space. A tandoor in the centre for you to cuddle up during winters. While it snows outside, you eat hot meals in this room. How beautiful is that?

There is a tiny garden space behind the kitchen as well for you to have your morning cuppa at. All in all, a complete home at your disposal!

The common sitting area on the upper floor

Photo of Rihaaishh by Experiential Living Project, Sojha, Himachal Pradesh, India by Japleen Kaur

The hosts of Rihaaish are the cool guys at E-living Project, that have other properties like mud house hostels and a co-working space called Karyashaala. Interesting story though, they first took this house to make it their home. Furnished it in a way they would stay and filled it up with all the love but as plans changed they decided to set up Rihaaish for travellers. Anyone who has been to Himachal knows them, and knows how brilliant their hospitality is.


Since it’s a self check-in vacation rental, even the kitchen is stocked with basic stuff for you to cook. You can cook any meal you want or go to the village to eat. The other property Mud House Hostels is like 7 km away from Rihaaish, where there is a fully functional in house café where you can get your meals. The hosts stay there and are just a call away in case of any help.


The entire house is priced at Rs 3,499 for four people per night (also depends on the season). Now, that’s a steal, right? Obviously this doesn’t include food costs.

Best time to go

Summers are lively here with trees all green and rivers gushing swiftly. Winter is beautiful but harsh as the roads shut, blocking your routes, the only way to reach anywhere is to walk in snow. Autumn means orange leaves fallen on narrow pathways, making the valley look oh-so-dreamy. Monsoons are not advisable to travel.

Things to do

In the property

Delightful exterior of Rihaaish standing out

Photo of Mudhouse Hostels by Experiential Living Project, Dist, Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India by Japleen Kaur

• It’s your home in the hills so whether you want to snuggle up with a book or watch Netflix (though the internet is quite slow) or just admire the views – it’s all your choice.

• Snowfall here sure makes the place looks straight out of a fairytale. Imagine the pine trees covered in white. You wouldn’t want to leave Rihaaish at all.

Around the property

Go to Jalori Pass

This 10,000 ft high pass connects the Kullu region with that of Rampur-Shimla. A temple at the top, sacred to the locals, this spot has views that are worth living for. From there you can either hike up till the meadows, walk till Serolsar lake or trek till Raghupur fort. Whatever you choose make a day out of it.

Explore Jibhi

To go to Jibhi you'll have to go downhill towards Banjar. Here you have a waterfall, stream that you can sit by and eat a snack, interact with the locals or hang out at the cafes. Plenty to do in this tiny village of Himachal Pradesh.

Getting there

By air:

Take a flight till Bhuntar and then a cab till Shoja via Banjar and Jibhi. This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel.

By train:

Since no trains ply towards this region, this mode of transport is not recommended at all.

By road:

The best way to reach Shoja is by either driving on your own or taking the bus till Aut and then a cab ahead.

All pictures have been sent to us by the host of Rihaaish

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