Start your first trek with Triund Trek, Mcleodganj

7th Sep 2016
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Somewhere in the way
Day 1

Well, It's all started from New Delhi when I got a call from my friend. They were leaving for Triund trek. I had never been to any trek and had no prior experience. This was totally new to me but I did not give it much through (As the day was friday). I took the metro and reached Maharana Pratap ISBT Bus Terminal. flights and trains are also available to reach Dharamsala but we prefer bus for economical reason. we travel the whole night and it was my first road trip for this long (nearly 10 hours) and It was amazing. we talk, laugh, knew fellow passengers and fell asleep.

Trip route : 

New Delhi -> Dharamsala -> Mcleodganj -> Dharamkot -> Triund summit

the journey

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We reached Dharamsala at 6:30 in the morning. the weather was a bit cold and dazzling. I could feel the touch of morning air. You don't get this everyday so we decided to spend some time here before moving forward. we had morning tea at the Bus Station. The view with tea at this place have its own uniqueness. You don't wanna miss it.

we took next local bus to Mcleodganj. When we reach Mcleodganj, it was nearly 8:30AM. We had breakfast at Main square and book a lodge for 2 Hour(you don't need more that that) and it cost 500INR. Mcleodganj is an excellent place to stay if one is looking for a quiet, less-crowded, and rustic place, which is surrounded by the village and offers the best view of the Majestic Dhauladhar ranges.

We leave for Bhagsunag waterfall. since it was mid of april, there was not much of water. So We left for Dharamkot. It's better to use cab to reach Gallu Devi Temple otherwise you would get tired before starting your trek. Our main Journey start from here (Shri Gallu Devi Temple). Don't forget to take essentials (fruits, water bottles, cold-drink, toilet paper, snacks etc.) with you.

Magic View Cafe

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Start your journey by early morning(by 12PM) if you don't wanna miss the sunset. Triund trek is normally 4 hour up journey and nearly 8-10km. the best things is that you are not alone. you will meet people of all age(yes, even kids and i'm not kidding), do have some random conversation with them. Everyone is very welcoming. Everyone is helping out each others and you be amazed to hear story of their side. who knows you could made friends for life time. There are couple of coffee shops in the route. Spend some time at Magic View Cafe, have tea or maggi while watching the amazing view of Dharamsala. The journey is beautiful.


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Try to reach Triund by 4 to 5 pm, otherwise you will miss the sunset. It's amazing in its own way. when we reach there, we were already late but somehow we manage to watch the sunset. We walk around, had tea and spend a night camping at Triund. the calmness has its own language. In the front side is the mighty Himalayas and to the back the beautiful Dharamsala. temperature in the evening dropped as low as 16C and it does not took much time to realized. We make group of 2 people and took a walk in the search of flammable(woods, clothes, shoe, paper etc). Thanks to God, we got a bit. Late in the evening we had gossip around bonfire, then had dal-chawal at local shop up there. It generally rains in the morning up there. so be prepared for cold chilled morning. i woke up by 6AM. maggi and tea as snack is the only options. The Sunset, moonrise and sunrise in the Dhauladhars are not meant to missed when you are in Triund. For me it's life time experience.

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Day 2

The next stop is, Snow Line. It's a bit more challenging due to rough route but you will find trail throughout the way and also follow trekker. There is still 2 hour up journey and you need motivation because the way is somewhat vertical. whenever you feel low or tired just start chatting your favourite slogan(my 'अहं ब्रह्म अस्मिति' in sanskrit translated in english to 'I'm divine'). We are short of schedule so we escape the journey to snow line(I'm planning to complete this by myown soon). we started way back from triund at 9AM. Return journey is a bit easy and nearly takes half time(2 hours approx).

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When we reached Dharamkot, it was noon. there are many restaurant which serve good food. try one. We take rest for a while, a little chit chat and then leave for the final move. we took Volve bus to New delhi at Mcleodganj bus stand.