A Bottle Of Beer And Some Sea Food-Goa Here

7th Jan 2017
Photo of A Bottle Of Beer And Some Sea Food-Goa Here by Ashutosh Sharma

I did this trip with 4 of my cousins. At first the plan was to explore Goa together but then the plan was changed and made more interesting,we all decided that instead of exploring the place in a group we should travel solo in this beautiful city of joy. We all went together till the Dabolim international airport Goa and then separated. Now getting to the main travel

Day 1

It all started on 6th of January all of us met at the Indira Gandhi international airport delhi . We boarded our flight at 5:10 am and reached Goa by 8 am we got our taxi pre-booked and went to our hotel at Dauna paula got some rest and then went for a solo travel. I started the travel at 11:30am . The nearest place from our hotel was miramar beach. It was a nice beach but not a place to be visited very often if you have less days for the trip . I was there for almost 1 hour . As i had not hired a car so i decided to board a local bus as it was economic and was fun talking to the strangers in the bus . They adviced me to go to a nearby place (coco beach) . It was not a beach to have fun in the sea , the main attraction at this beach was the boat ride (so called dolphin ride). It was a 300 bucks trip and they took us (me and the other people) to show the dolphins in the Arabian sea there were more 4 places to visit

1 . Milionare's palace

2. The light house

3. Central jail

4. Agouda fort

Out of all the 5 places the most beautiful thing was the close encounter of dolphins it took almost one and an half hour to complete the boat ride

The third place for the day was candolim beach

From coco beach it took about 45-50 minutes to reach the place it was one of the most beautiful beaches in south Goa it had many kind of water sports e.g jet ski ride para sailing and many other another good beach on the same belt was the Baga beach and Calangute beach the water on these beaches was quite clean for enjoying the waves these beaches stopped me on them for almost 3 hrs . Then i decided to go to the last spot for the day that was the Maruti temple,Panjim it was a beautiful place to successfully end the day. At night i had some sea food and some beer????????which was quite cheap and quality was very nice. This is how first day was successfully complete

Day 2

On the second day i.e. 8th jan i decided to make some connection with god. So travelled to some nearby temples and churches . First of all i went to Tirupati Balaji temple it was a good temple of lord Balaji. The second stop was The famous Mangeshi Temple of Lord Shiva. Then i headed towards the church Bom Jesus Basilica which is a church of Portuguese era it has a vry interesting story , it also has a dead body of a priest it is place to be visited ,then i went to explore old Goa it is a great place to travel solo.

The final stop of the day was at Dauna Paula beach its a great beach for admiring the wonderful sunset and the day was made then i took some rest and made my self ready for next day

In the name of Father son and the holy spirit

Photo of North Goa, Goa, India by Ashutosh Sharma
Day 3

The day was 9th jan and was just for minor shopping and to roam around the capital of the city(Panjim) the market was quite good and reasonable but the best market was bombay bazzaar this was a quite complex kind market which had many items and the cashew in the place was very good in quality

It took almost half of the day there,as it was a day for freelancing so i decided to take a ride of the night cruize over the mandovi river. There were 2 types of cruize one was simple cruize which took 350 bucks it had in it the local tradition and some local boys and girls sung the traditional language,and the second one was the dinner cruize which costed 750 bucks it was everything same just the difference was it provided food and drinks in it. Both the rides took about 2hrs . It was 8:30 pm at there was nothing major to do so i decided to spend some time by the shore watching the casinos it was the most beautiful sight of the day this completed the secondlast day of the trip

Photo of A Bottle Of Beer And Some Sea Food-Goa Here by Ashutosh Sharma
Photo of A Bottle Of Beer And Some Sea Food-Goa Here by Ashutosh Sharma

Bom Jesus Basilica

Photo of Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa Road, Bainguinim, Goa, India by Ashutosh Sharma
Day 4

This was the day i decided to have a proper sun bath and have a proper swim in the Arabian sea

For this i decided to go to the colva beach which was 42 km away from my place so i changed some local buses to reach there i got kolva by 11:30 am . I got a beach bed rented for the day for just 100 bucks, so i changed and got into the sea so good it was ❤❤ i got into the sea at 12:00 pm and got out at 5:45 pm then i looked onto the beautiful sunset and got to know myself???????? it was the most exciting and sad day for me,exciting in the way that i joyed very much and sad in the way that it was my last day at Goa the sun got down and the day was complete

I admired the beauty of the mother earth in the way it provides us with the most beautiful sights

Some one has rightly said that "Of all the books the best memories are found between the pages of passport

At last my heart was very dissappointed but i promised Goa to be here very soon

Photo of A Bottle Of Beer And Some Sea Food-Goa Here by Ashutosh Sharma

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