LAKNAVARAM LAKE - 10,000 Acres of Sheer Bliss!

12th Aug 2017
Photo of LAKNAVARAM LAKE - 10,000 Acres of Sheer Bliss! by Karim S A

It’s the month of August, and I am reminded of our patriotic song “Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hamara Hamara…” India is truly vast and diverse in its culture, cuisine and linguistics. Where else can you find this strange amalgamation of religions and languages? Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Konkan, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Guajarati, Odia, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Assamese and various dialects of each language. Each state has its own vibrant culture and cuisine.

Day 1

A car in hand and a nice lovely weekend is the perfect combination for an outing. What more does one ask for? And Hyderabad is blessed with vicinities that enchant. Be it Kuntala Waterfalls at a distance of 260 KMs or Nagarjuna Sagar at a distance of 160 KMs. Hyderabad is ensconced cosily between Karnataka, Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh. This melange of cultures is always unique. It’s the differences in these cultures that gives a distinctive identity to each one of us and thereby makes us special.

Today, let me take you to Laknavaram Lake, near Warangal in Telangana State. Just 224 KMs from Hyderabad and it can be reached by Road in roughly 4 hours. Add up another half an hour for a Tea break. Of late, this place seems to slowly gain popularity and its due recognition. Telangana Tourism maintains this lake and it has a Resort, if you wish to stay back for the night. This lake is surrounded by a lush green forest and ornamental mountains as the backdrop; it sure leaves a spell on your senses.

Start your day early and on reaching Uppal Ring Road head towards Warangal Highway and keep going. The road straight leads to Warangal. If you had started too early, and you are feeling hungry, have a pit stop at Warangal for breakfast. This being the District Headquarters, there are quite a few good hotels.

And now that you have done your pet pooja head towards Govindraopet which is another 80 KMs. From here, meander through the forest for another 6 KMs and you will reach the Lake. A nominal entry fee of INR 10/- for Adults and INR 5/- for children is charged to enter the Lake. Boat Ride costs INR 50/- per Adult and INR 30/- for a Child and if you wish to experience the lake in a Speed Boat, be prepared to shell out INR 300/- . The timings are 08.00 AM to 05.30 PM.

Small islands interspersed in this Lake add to the beauty, but what leaves you speechless is the hanging bridges connecting these mini islands. And this lake is famous for these hanging bridges. Post Monsoon is the best time to visit this lake, since the lake is full to its brim, the lush forests are alluringly greener on all the sides and the road leading to this place makes it a visual treat. The Kakatiya rulers were the first to discover this hidden lake. The tranquil surroundings make you relax and add a soothing effect on your mind, body and soul.

Haritha Hotel, Laknavaram maintained by TSTDC (Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation, a Government of Telangana undertaking) offers luxurious stay along with a Restaurant.

Day 2

If you plan a two day trip to this place, you can enjoy your Day One at Laknavaram Lake and on Day Two, you can spend time among the historic temples of Kakatiya reign in Warangal.

Leave Warangal around 03.00 PM after lunch, so that you reach the outskirts of Hyderabad at Sunset. Sunset on the way to Hyderabad near Ghatkesar/Bibinagar looks wonderful. Driving at that hour is a delight, mark my words.

Shall I tell you what are the benefits of outings/travel? Travel increases your productivity at your workplace. It sharpens the minds of your children and makes them more responsive and responsible. And most importantly, your wife will become less fussy ( you still need any more reason to travel...?)

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"A Good Marriage would be between a Blind Wife and a Deaf Husband" as quoted by Michel de Montaigne,

...but since God didn't make all couples that way, the only solution is to travel :)

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