The Kumaon Trip.. Blessed in Himalayas.. 

8th May 2017
Photo of The Kumaon Trip.. Blessed in Himalayas.. by Travel Fanatic
Day 1

Early Morning ! Chilled AC and the sound of tracks. The dawn just broke out in the Pitch Black sky making it beautiful morning in the Mumbai - Delhi August Kranti Rajdhani Express. I reached the Hazrat Nizamuddin Station by 10:30 AM. I met the driver here Mr. Singh ahead for the plan. So we started towards Mussoorie via Meerut and I had the lunch midway itself at a dhaba and proceeded ahead to Mussoorie. Midway I loved the feeling of being into Delhi and proceeding ahead to my first tour destination. I reached Mussoorie at about 07:30 PM in the evening. I checked-in into the Country - inn Mussoorie which is a very elegant hotel to be into.. Had my dinner and also was off to bed.

Day 2

Early Morning waking up to the mist in the room, a lovely feeling and a gentle drizzle just made the day so beautiful. Today I headed to the mall road for a bit of sights of the local market. Later I had my Lunch around in the local place near Mall Road. I proceeded then to the Kempty falls. The place is amazing with shivering cold water under the waterfall and enjoying the time here. There are alot of cafe's surrounded to it. I quickly changed and loved the scrumptious Maggi they prepare. Later in the evening went back to the room. I was so tired that I just loved the Dinner the hotel prepared and quickly was off to sleep.

Day 3

Early Morning felt so fresh today with a view of the valley and mountains across, what a lovely feel ! I later just packed and went to the nearby temples. I wanted alot of relaxation here after coming from a city that has a lot of humidity and heat. I also started to pack my clothes and things, ahead was my plan to reach Haridwar on time. So, I was excited and was feeling extremely divine here. Loved my dinner here and then again went off to sleep.

Day 4

Morning Bells ! So yeah ! Today was excited to rush to my next destination, Haridwar. Extremely divine feeling into me, I quickly packed my bags and loaded my tummy to the brim with my breakfast. I do love trying new dishes and love food. So on the way too, I kept trying Parathas around. I started by 10:00 AM in the morning and reached Haridwar by 03:00 PM. So I checked-in into Hotel Suryodaya. Loved the way they treat their guest's ! I got a very beautiful room. I quickly got ready, today I visited the banks of River Ganges and loved the way they perform the evening Arti rituals. Enjoyed thoroughly and even learnt to whistle the shankh here. Yes meanwhile during transit I visited the Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula. Purchased the Rudhraksh Mala from a local store here. Back in evening, I reached the Hotel. Felt extremely divine or felt as if this is the way heaven too would be.. !! Dinner was again so delicious and I quickly went to sleep.

Day 5

Good Morning ! What a lovely sunrise it was ! I quickly got fresh and headed to the dining room and head my delicious breakfast. Loaded my tummy. My plan was to check out a bit late as I was headed next to Nainital. So I made it by 01:00 PM after my Lunch. I moved ahead to Nainital. Its a beautiful place and loved the journey throughout. Checked-in into the hotel in the Evening. The dinner was already set. I loved the dinner here as it was set by the bon fire. I was amused by the sight, as the city in which I stay itself makes one feel like oven, but it was great to enjoy with strangers there indulging into music. Being on a tour solo, it was great again to enjoy these times.

Day 6

Such a wow morning ! The clouds those were just with those oak trees. Walking across the hotel, I had my breakfast and today I headed to Ranikhet for an excursion. Loved it there across the valley of flowers grown. I enjoyed the mist and a tour at Ranikhet. Also, I saw a bit of places and was the right time to head back towards Nainital. I was back in the evening and I enjoyed the time boating at the spectacular and famous Naini Lake ! Boating here is beautiful and being again the captain of my own boat, sailing across the hills and that feeling can never get out of me ! I also enjoyed the Himalayan view but never could see snow anywhere because of dense mist. I always wanted to see snow and experience the snowfall. But, wasn't I lucky for this as of now. But what it was all compensated by the ways I enjoyed. I headed back to the hotel. Dinner and I was expecting the bon fire again and the music, but unfortunately the group left in the evening itself. Anyways, the time they shared was amazing. Went Zzzzzzz in seconds !!

Day 7

Good Morning ! Yeah ! Fresh and Fine ! Now headed to dine with all my packing done ahead to proceed towards Corbett ! I was damn excited to witness the wildlife of Corbett. The route was damn beautiful. Enroute I made sure before heading I visited the Bhimtal and the Nainital Zoo. I reached fairly well on time by 04:00 PM I was at my Corbett hotel. I checked-in into the Treetop Sterling, Corbett. The rooms were brilliant and I quickly stepped in into the pool. I had my plans to visit the National Park next morning and breakfast and check-out. So I loved a time at the pool. Socialized with a few people here. Had my dinner and slept.

Day 8

Goooood Morning..... !! I got up today at 04:00 AM. I already had the guy booked for Corbett Park and I visited the park in the morning. I did see the Tigers having their morning thirst quenched. I absolutely know readers will ask me for the photographs but I faced a deadly stuff ahead. The camera fell off the gypsy. The tigers were just ahead of my car. If I got down of the gypsy, I would have been the morning breakfast for tigers. Moving the car too could lend me into trouble as the gypsy was open. The tigers cleared the way but stepping out was not at all a cool option. Yes, I lost my camera this way. I did ask the officials to give it back to me once anyone picks up. But, I probably lost one in the jungle right away. I know this is foolish to hear but what happened, did happen ! The things do not end here, I went ahead and the gypsy failed. I was in the jungle, I had my train in the evening and all I see is the gypsy fails. Luckily was another group coming but guess what, they didnt see a big Sony camera on the road ! But I was assisted to the hotel. I met the officials and asked them to give me my camera back which was in the jungle. I rushed to the taxi it was already 09:00 AM now. My train was at 03:50 PM from New Delhi, The Rajdhani. We rushed to the Delhi Station and midway also I had my lunch packed. I reached Delhi by 03:30 PM and the way the driver rushed was no less than Formula 1 Racing. Mr. Singh became Mr. Schumacher. I boarded the train and reaching Mumbai the next day I filed a complaint against my lost camera to which I am promised it shall be solved upon. All in all the tour was fantastic. Thanks to Tripoto and many other referral sites to which I could fix up the package all by self. A few good options on the internet too for pre-booking the tour. I usually make sure all payments are done before the tour begins and I collect confirmation receipts and vouchers for a hassle free trip.

Day 9

Morning I reached Mumbai ! Headed home. ! Relaxed ! Next day again I had to get back to office. !