Being a girl travelled solo to Haridwar

28th Mar 2019
Photo of Being a girl travelled solo to Haridwar by Pooja Swaroop
Day 1

Are you scared to travel alone???? I know it would be quiet uncomfortable for the person who has never ever traveled alone. There are million of thoughts which run to our mind. How can anyone travel alone.. how my parents will allow.. how i will convience them..  there are lot of insurities... is it safe to travel alone... how can anyone enjoy without friends.. what the society will think...

I completely understand these thoughts are habitual. First of all you should convince and prepare yourself for solo trip. Unless and until you have confidence in yourself how would you handle other parts of insurities then. The only tip i can give you guys is " Fake confidence"
I know we somewhere lack with confidence. I am one amongst those people. I am little introvert. Trust me i faked confidence. And this gave me strength. Also people will not take advantage of you if you talk to them with lot more confidence.



It was very short trip as in I visited only for a day... i was very scared. Reason being so uncomfortable travelling alone was i belong to typical north indian conservative family. I was not allowed to explore my own city with my friends. Mom is supportive but dad is possessive as how i will manage things alone.
I am from Mumbai.
I was travelling solo for the first time at my friends wedding to bijnor..  i travelled to mumbai - delhi - Bijnor..
From bijnor to haridwar is 160 km journey which takes around 2- 3 hrs to reach.
I decided to travel alone by train as i asked out so many friend to accompany me but no one could make out... I booked tain named Mussorie express which reaches bijnor at 3:00 am
I took help of my friend's brother to drop me off at station. Let me tell you. I was about to cancel the plan as so many people were saying " kya karegi akele jaa ke" " you will be bored" "leave it" and lot more things which convience me enough to cancel all my booking and plans.. and i was actually cancelling my train. But due to network issue i could not cancel and i thought 'Lets Go...'. Thanks to the network... hahah😄😄

Haridwar is a holy city and let me tell you i am not that spiritual though i believe in god but not that leaned in bhakti.. Best season to visit haridwar is from  FEB - APR. I travelled in month of March first week. I was lucky beacause Shivratri was on that particular day. It was cherry on cake for me.. because the environment feels so pure and spiritual on that particular occasion.

As soon as i landed on the land of lords it gave me buzzing sensation. It is such a positive space.

In India if people see tourist they quote high price for everything. I took rikshaw for hostel. Bhaiya asked for Rs 100 for distance of 1 km. I researched and knew that the place is nearby the station. I bargained with baiya and convienced him for Rs 30. Guys trust me i am too bad in bargaining. I dont know how to do. But this trip made me learned that too. So make sure defore travelling to unknown place do research .

I stayed in hostel called bedhubs.. which is a mixed dormitory. A soon as i entered, i found that place so nice and clean. That dormitory can accompany 20 people. There were the travellers from different countries. Bedhubs is equipped with all basic amenities and good ambience. The wash room was so clean and hygenic. Every facility was there just for Rs 315. I booked from MMT. The hostel is on walkable distance from mansadevi temple, market place and har ki pauri.

There are 2 famous shops called Mathura ji ki pracheen dukaan and Hoshiyaar puri.
They serve awesome food at very affordable price. And the food was so yumm.. still have that taste on my mouth. Thankfully i didnt go alone for breafast and lunch. I made 2 friends at the hostel and they accompanied me. Ond was from South America and one was from california


There are lot of temples as the place is of lords. I managed only for MansaDevi temple as it had a time constraint. You can reach by cable car or clib the stairs. I wanted to experience from cable car so took that. The return ticket was of Rs 100. The ride was so amazing and the view was so mesmerising.

Har ki pauri:
Har ki pauri is a famous ghat on the banks of ganga. It is a popular spiritual gataway in haridwar. The pilgrims come here for bathing in Ganga river. It is said that "Ganga me naha ke paap dhul jaate hain".
World famous ganga aarti takes place in brahmakund area of har ki pauri.

I made lot of friends there and explored the city... couldnt cover much, but defineltly visited mansa devi temple, had food from famous 'mathura ji ki pracheen dukaan' and ' hoshiyaarpuri'.
At the end attended Ganga arti which is why I decided to visit haridwar.. I was lucky enough to attend aarti on Shivratri...

Guys, you should definetly give it a try to travel solo. It compeletly change you. You will believe in yourself. You will know yourself better. You will feel independent. You will learn so much about everything. This was my small story to tavel solo. Hope you guys liked it.. If you liked let me know by giving heart to this article.

Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop
Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop
Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop
Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop
Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop
Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop
Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Pooja Swaroop