Enjoyable Activities to Do in Nusa Penida


Are you planning a vacation and looking for exciting, enjoyable activities in Nusa Penida? From exploring the underwater world while snorkeling, swimming with manta rays, or seeing hundreds of fish species up close - if your idea of an ideal trip includes adventure and plenty of beautiful scenery, then Nusa Penida is the place for you.

With white sand beaches and breathtaking cliffs just waiting to be explored, the tropical paradise that is Nusa Penida will be sure to provide everything you're looking for in your getaway. Here are some great ideas for making the most of your time on this magical island!

1. Visit Diamond Beach

Nusa Penida's Diamond Beach is truly one to behold! Nothing suggests paradise like its picturesque and Instagrammable rock stairs leading down to the stunning cliffs, rocks and clear water below. And for the perfect holiday snaps, you'll be able to take your pick from a selection of stunning landscapes. If you're planning a trip, it's best to check the tides beforehand - if they're too strong, wave action could limit your explorations on Diamond Beach. Go check it out for yourself for an unforgettable beach experience!

Diamond beach in Nusa Penida island

Photo of Enjoyable Activities to Do in Nusa Penida by Alger Leinoz

2. Kelingking Beach

One of the most satisfying activities to do in Nusa Penida is diving. Diving Nusa Penida becomes more fun when you visit Kelingking Beach. The beach is also known as the famous "T-Rex" beach in Bali, thanks to its coastline that resembles a dinosaur head. You will enjoy unbelievable views as you marvel at the turquoise-blue water. You can also go hiking down the pristine beach, so ensure you carry your camera and swimsuit. Since this beach is located West of Nusa Penida Island, it is a perfect sunset spot. So, find a beautiful spot along the coastline to watch the sun disappear into the ocean – magical!

Klingking beach in Nusa Penida

Photo of Enjoyable Activities to Do in Nusa Penida by Alger Leinoz

3. Pose at Rumah Pohon Treehouse

Head over to Rumah Pohon Treehouse and witness a childhood fantasy come to life! Nestled on the island's East Coast, you'll be able to spot a stunning sunset overlooking an idyllic beach. As if that wasn't enough, this traditional tree house is a functioning guest improvement where you can stay overnight while feeling refreshed, listening to the sounds of pristine nature. Capture amazing Instagram photos here, or simply bask in awe of what you've seen. This is one destination you won't want to miss!

Photo of Enjoyable Activities to Do in Nusa Penida by Alger Leinoz

4. Peguyangan Waterfall

Exploring the amazing isles of Nusa Penida is a must-do while visiting Bali, and one of the best stops along your travels is Peguyangan Waterfall. Not your typical roaring waterfall, this spot is better defined as a series of small cascades making their way over unique rock formations, gently dribbling down mossy cliff sides.

A 45-minute cliffside hike offers breathtaking views of Nusa Penida's landscape. It all comes to an awe-inspiring finale at the picturesque temple tucked away at the bottom of the waterfall. The locals may even be performing a religious ceremony during your visit - for which you will need to wear a sarong provided at the start of your climb. These fresh, natural pools provide a naturally exempt place for peaceful contemplation and are not to be missed!

Peguyangan Waterfall in Nusa Penida, Bali

Photo of Enjoyable Activities to Do in Nusa Penida by Alger Leinoz

5. Snorkel with Manta Rays at Manta Point

Penida's waters hold so much to offer in terms of unique sea creatures and mysterious sights. One of its most amazing experiences is the opportunity to snorkel with the majestic manta rays at Manta Point! Just imagine what it feels like to be surrounded by crystal clear water, looking up close at these beautiful creatures. If you're not ready for such a dive, you can still take in the scenery from above - on those clear days. You may see them from high atop the cliffs and get an unforgettable experience!

Beautiful Mantap captured in Nusa Penida

Photo of Enjoyable Activities to Do in Nusa Penida by Alger Leinoz

6. Dive and touch the Buddha Statue at Temple Point

Penida is a great hotspot for diving, so if you're in the area, make sure to stop by Temple Point. Here you can see the majestic 7-meter Buddha statue, erected to help promote healthy coral growth. Accompanying it are Stupas and smaller statues, creating an inspiring scenery. Experienced free divers often take on the challenge of touching the tip of the statue and enjoying various stunning views of the temples along with their journey there.

Final Take Away

From swimming alongside the beautiful Manta rays at Manta point to watching the sunrise and sunset at Rumah Pohon, there is so much that Nusa Penida has in store for you in Bali. Book your next vacation to Bali today and enjoy these fun activities in Nusa Penida. Happy traveling!