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Byzantine Dreams

26th Sep 2015
Photo of Byzantine Dreams 1/1 by The Blueberry Trails

A  study  in  contradictions,  Turkey  is  a  nation  with  multiple  identities.  Straddled  between  the  East  and  West, 

Turkey  embodies  characteristics  of  the  Middle  East  as  well  as  Europe.  This  9  day  roller  coaster  ride  around 

Turkey includes a performance by whirling dervishes, cruising along the magical Bosphorus river, exploring the 

Old  City  of  Istanbul  and  the  mesmerizing  landscape  of  Cappadocia,  food  tours  with  local  guides,  horse  rides 

through valleys of Goreme, discovering the art scene in Istanbul, soaking in the rustic chic vibe of the old Greek 

village  of Alaçatı and  perhaps  even  a  windsurfing  lesson,  marveling  at  the  ruins  at  Ephesus.  Stays  will  be  in 

boutique  hotels  and  homestays  in  Istanbul  and Alaçatı and  in  a  cave  hotel  in  Cappadocia.  Come  along  and 

savour the delights the Turkey has to offer.

Trip essence:

History| Culture| Adventure| Photography| Local food| Boutique stays

Highlights of the trip: 

-  A performance by whirling dervishes in an atmospheric setting

-  A guided walking tour of the Old City of Sultanahmet in Istanbul

-  Cruise along the magical Bosphorus river

-  Discovering the Asian and European side of Istanbul on an amazing guided food tour

-  Living in a luxurious cave in Cappadocia

-  Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia’s unique landscape

-  Horse riding through vineyards, valleys and volcanic stone hills in Goreme

-  A windsurfing lesson in the quaint town of Alaçatı

-  A guided tour of the magnificent ruins at Ephesus

-  Diving into Istanbul’s art scene with a guided gallery walk

This is how the trip plan looks:

Day 1, 26th September: Arrival in Istanbul

Reach  Istanbul  by  mid  day  and  check  into  your  beautiful  stay.  You  have  the day at  leisure  to  discover  the 

beautiful city of Istanbul. In the evening, we make our way to catch a transcendent performance of the whirling 


Meals: None

Experiences: Be enthralled by a performance of the whirling dervishes 

Day 2, 27th September: Istanbul – The Old City Tour

From Byzantium  to Constantinople and finally Istanbul, the  Old  City  of  Sultanahmet represents  the  history  of 

Istanbul  spanning  over  thousands  of  years. We  head  out  today  for  a  guided  tour  of  the  Old  City  of  Turkey 

encompassing Hagia  Sofia,  Blue  Mosque,  Egyptian  Obelisks,  Topkapi  Palace  and  the  Rustem  Pasha  Mosque. 

This is one tour you are going to remember for a long time to come! 

Meals: Breakfast 

Experiences: A guided tour of the Old City

Day 3, 28th September: Istanbul – The market tour

Get ready to wander off the tourist track and get a closer understanding of Turkish life through the renowned 

Two Markets, Two Continents. This tour focuses on exploring the eateries in local markets in the European side’s 

Karaköy neighborhood and the Asian side’s Kadıköy, tied together by a Bosphorus crossing.  

For those not inclined to go for the food tour,  take a 2 hour cruise on the magical Bosphorus river and spend the 

day at leisure exploring Istanbul.

Meals: Breakfast| Lunch and all food items consumed as part of the Two Markets, Two Continents tour (if added)

Experiences: Bosphorus cruise| Two Markets, Two Continents tour (add on) 

Day 4, 29th September: Istanbul to Cappadocia (1.5 hours by flight plus 1 hour by road)

We fly to the city of Kayseri from Istanbul and head to Cappadocia by road. After settling into a beautiful cave 

hotel, we head out for a guided walking tour of Cappadocia, covering Uchisar Castle, Pigeon Valley and Rose 

Valley, Goreme Open Air Museum among other sights.

Meals: Breakfast

Experiences: A walking tour of Cappadocia| Stay in a cave hotel

Day 5, 30th September: Cappadocia to Alaçatı (via Izmir by overnight bus)

In the morning, venture out for an amazing hot air balloon ride to catch the sunrise over the surreal landscape of

Cappadocia,  dotted  with  valleys,  unique  rock  formations  and  ravines.  Those  who  are  not  comfortable  with 

heights can go for a guided horse riding tour, where you will travel through some of the most beautiful valleys 

in Cappadocia. Ride among the apple, apricot, walnut orchards as well as vineyards. The trails wind up through 

volcanic  stone  hills  passing  many  beautiful  fairy  chimneys  and  churches  along  the  way – with  breathtaking 

vistas on mountaintops and unique landscapes in every direction.  After your morning adventures, we check out 

from the hotel and you have till afternoon at leisure to explore the city by yourself and get some lunch. Early 

evening, we make our way back to Kayseri to board the bus which will take us to the beautiful town of Alaçatı on 

the western coast. 

Meals: Breakfast

Experiences: Hot air ballooning (add on)| Horse riding through valleys (add on)

Day 6, 1st October: Alaçatı

We arrive in Izmir at 8 am and head to Alaçatı, a charming old Greek village, which is an hour’s drive from Izmir. 

Untouched my mass tourism, Alaçatı is a real gem on the Aegean coast. After a heady tour till now, today is a day 

to relax, walk through the winding lanes of Alaçatı and experience rustic-chic first hand. For those still hungry for 

adventure, Alaçatı is one of the best spots for wind surfing so you can consider signing up for a beginners lesson 

for a fun experience. 

Meals: Breakfast

Experiences: Exploring Alaçatı| Windsurfing lesson (add on)

Day 7, 2nd October: Alaçatı-Ephesus (by road) and Ephesus-Istanbul (by flight)

We  check  out  from Alaçatı and  make  our  way  back  to  Izmir.   At  Izmir,  our  guide  will  pick  us  up  to  start  our 

journey  to  explore  the  ancient  Greek  city  of  Ephesus.  Walk  through  history  along  marble  streets  lined  with 

wonderful public buildings, among them the Baths of Scholastica, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian 

and The Grand Theater are two of the most impressive buildings in Ephesus. Tuck into a delicious local lunch 

along the way. In the evening, we take a flight back to Istanbul. If history is not your cup of tea, then spend the 

day exploring the seaside town of Izmir or stay back in Alaçatı till evening, from where you can reach the Izmir 

airport directly.

Meals:  Breakfast| Lunch as part of Ephesus tour (if opted for)

Experiences: Full day guided tour of ancient Greek city of Ephesus (add on)

Day 8, 3rd October: Istanbul

You have the day at leisure in Istanbul before we head home the next way. Those interested can join us for a 

guided  walk  of  the  galleries  of  Istanbul,  with  local  artists.  This  tour  explores  Istanbul’s thriving  art  scene  and 

offers a completely different perspective of the city.

Meals:  Breakfast

Experiences: Guided art walk (add on)

Day 9, 4th October: Istanbul (return)

Set sail for home, after an incredible Turkish holiday and memories to last a lifetime.

Pictures: http://bit.ly/TurkeyFBPics

Event: http://bit.ly/turkeyTrip

WHAT: Trip to Turkey

WHEN: 26th September – 4th October (Saturday-Sunday)

WHERE: Istanbul – Cappadocia – Alaçatı – Ephesus –Istanbul

HOW MUCH: Rs. 74,800+3.09% govt. tax (per head)