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21st Oct 2015
Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 1/13 by Uditi

Jaisalmer has been on our bucket list ever since we've been stung by the travel bug. Nestling at the heart of Thar desert, the city has become a popular destination enticing travelers from all over the world - and we don't blame them! After all, Jaisalmer reminisces the royal imperialism of Rajasthan from the bygone era in an exceptional way. The city sparkles in the regal inside and out.

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 2/13 by Uditi

You know you're approaching Jaisalmer when the dainty sand dunes start to become imminent. This Rajasthani city is set to bedazzle you the moment you enter its gateway built from golden-honey sandstone, standing tall and handsome. As the city boasts of a lake, few forts, and a distant desert to savor one's delight, it also takes you eons back to narrate the rich and royal fables of Rajasthan. 

On that note, let us take you on a joy ride of the things we loved doing in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Fort

Standing proud at the heart of the city, the Jaisalmer fort is the hub of the area. It is home to almost 5000 people who live in their ancestral homes - being only of its kind. The residents are more than keen to interact and share their lifestyle. It's fascinating to listen to their stories and how they have a livelihood inside 4 walls of the fort. Honeycombed with threadlike roads winding through the fort and houses, handicraft shops, and temples lining the sleek boulevards, Jaisalmer fort is a compilation of hundreds of traditions and cultural class heritage flourishing inside every family.

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 3/13 by Uditi


The Picturesque view of the Golden City from the top. 

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 4/13 by Uditi

We went to explore the fort at night and couldn't stop awing at the view from up there. The city was sparkling, literally!

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 5/13 by Uditi

Gadsisar Lake

Penned-in by few temples and a hub for migratory birds, Gadisagar Lake offers silent treatment away from the city cacophony. Oh, how were left smitten by this gorgeous-surreal lake! Climb a few steps from its entrance and you'll be looking at a beautiful cemetery where the nobles rest. 

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 6/13 by Uditi


The first ever haveli to be embarked upon the land of Jaisalmer, and the biggest of all. It's a cluster of 5 different havelis, under the supervision of Rajasthan Government. Dating back to its history, the Patwa family was a dealer of gold and silver and hence the name 'Mansion of Brocade'. The havelis are famous for their intricate stonework - and rightly so!

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 7/13 by Uditi

The Jaisalmer Fort was at a clear view from the top.

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 8/13 by Uditi

Jain Temples

The temples rest inside the Jaisalmer Fort and are open to all until sunset. We were in for a big awe when we witnessed the intricate stone carvings. Made from yellow sandstone the Jain temples are dated back to the 15th and 16th century.

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 9/13 by Uditi


Sam Sand Dunes

We kept the best for the last! The distant desert area snuggling at the edge of Jaisalmer National Park was the main highlight of our Rajasthani getaway.

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 10/13 by Uditi

A bumpy ride on a camel, taking us deep into the desert was really fun.

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 11/13 by Uditi

After playing a while on the dunes, which by the way left us jaded, we witnessed the sun sinking into the desert - Oh My, was it amazing!

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 12/13 by Uditi

This little fellow's name is John Abraham!

Photo of Jaisalmer through Photo Blog 13/13 by Uditi