We all got Leh'd!

11th Jul 2014
Photo of We all got Leh'd! 1/2 by Amulya Sridharan
Psoooo Pangonged!!
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“Early risers are happier people” I think our views are such a reflection of our mother's rants and smile to myself, its 4.30 AM and the daybreak is just around the corner, I hear the early morning birds cockcrowing and the yaks in my backyard walking around. I walk out to bask in the early sun light and feel the chill of the early morning fresh air near the lake. I look at my friend taking a million pictures of the Pangong Tso and not one captures its real beauty. This has surely taken my breath away! A lake of colors, crystal blue in the morning, green in the sun, enchanting violet during twilight and the deep blue sea in the moon. I wonder what the other 3/4th of the lake from Tibet would look like. 

Our menu every day is decided by the owner of out tent house by the lake, the hot maagie and chai for breakfast in the most magical spot in our country. My freinds haven't returned from their routine yet, I walk out of our tent and find the soft sand below my feet comforts my morning slumber. Its icy cold and yet comforting. 

I make conversation with the other tourists outside every tent, exchange acknowledging smiles, and I spot the "3 idiots" spot. That movie got this place on spot. Which is when people began to realise the beauty. I wonder how Indian cinema influences our choices and tastes. I slowly take a stroll to the spot. The sun is slowly rising, turning the waters green. Its magical! The shutters to most cafes around the lake are down, but the activity has started, I see huge parcels of jute bags and white cloth covers in which the cargo for the daily food comes being  rolled out of a van. I pause to look at the activity and look on the other side for a complete stand still. Its a blue diamond in between the hills. Silent and calm, knowing as thought its beauty is unmatcheble! I think how commertial it would br in the coming years and walk back! My breakfast is ready and the hot water for my bath is piping hot in a huge aluminum boiler behind our tent. 

I know its the most perfect day… and I know its the last day I get to be here next to this beauty!

Travel to Pangong Tso will always remain etched in my memory. The roads, the moutains, the colors, the silence, as though it was my soulmate I was looking for. I definately got Leh'd!!

It has almost been an year since my visit to Pangong TSo and I sit in my office room and wonder when will ever be a moment that I will get to go back to this beauty!! 

PS : Watch out for the Tibetian monastries on the way and definately bike ride into the place, there is just more you can take in!!

This is what I am talking about >>

Doesn't Amir Khan fade away? :P 

Food was great, the place was comfortable right at the heart of the city, saved up on the commute within Srinagar.