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Travel Guide To Tel Aviv, Israel

There is a plethora of things to do in Tel Aviv, from relaxing by the Mediterranean, seeing some of the rich history the city has to offer, and experiencing some amazing night life! Tel Aviv overall is a great place to start any adventure in Israel as it has a little taste of everything for anyone's interests. Personally, I wasn't too much for the nightlife but did enjoy an awesome escape room! Most of my time there was more focused on sightseeing and getting to see some of the historical sites in the city. Considering Israel has been a center point for many of the world's greatest historical moments, it seemed silly to not see and touch a piece of that antiquity.

TIP: If this is your first time in Tel Aviv, try to brush up on your customs for the area and especially if you're visiting religious sites.

We'll get to that in a bit though, first let's get started with some nice places to relax and take it easy in Tel Aviv.

Relaxing in Tel Aviv

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Beaches in Tel Aviv

There are quite a few beaches to visit in Tel Aviv, but all are obviously connected as there is only one side of Tel Aviv that connects to the coast. So, the Tel Aviv beach will have multiple "sections" as you go down the beach and they will have separate names. The area we went to was between Bograshov Beach and Jerusalem Beach. Going early mornings and during the weekdays was the best times for low traffic and true relaxing! Like most beaches around the world, they also have numerous volleyball nets setup along the beach and other activities if you're into "actively" relaxing. If you want more in depth information on the beaches of Tel Aviv, I recommend reading through to get the best feel for what is there and when to go.

Tel Aviv Spa!

If you're really looking for some nice relaxation, then a spa can get rid of a lot of tension. The Shizen Hotel is one of the best in Tel Aviv with plenty to offer. They have packages for the ladies, couples, and even ones specifically for men! If you're looking for something in particular, the variety offered goes further than that, including deep tissue, aromatherapy, and even pregnant massages.

Netanya, Israel

Netanya is just North of Tel Aviv and is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. The city is decorated in rich green scenery and fountains, while having very relaxing beaches. In a sense, it's similar to spending a day at a Tel Aviv beach, but there is much more to see inland, and the entire area is much more picturesque.

Tel Aviv Sightseeing & Tourism

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Museum of Art, Israel

I'm not sure about you, but I'm a huge museum fan and love to learn about other cultures! The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a perfect place to do just that, with numerous collections and exhibitions happening all the time. While there is plenty to see on the topic of Israeli Art, there are also collections from the Old Masters and in all different forms of media.

Lod, Israel

Slightly south of Tel Aviv is the small city of Lod. A large attraction of the city is the Church of St George due to its history and role it's played. Most of the attractions in Lod will be of some religious significance (big surprise as you're in Israel), but even if you're not religious, the sites are still powerful, and you can feel the history.

Old Jaffa!

Jaffa is a place that can't be missed for tourists. Having the oldest seaport in the world and a former stop for people making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Jaffa has many interesting stories to tell. More specifically, we're looking at the Old City, where the cobblestone streets lead to many archaeological sites and underground churches. Just being in the city feels like you've been teleported back in time.

Tel Aviv Nightlife & Fun

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Tel Aviv isn't just a place to learn about history or spend time relaxing on a beach, it also has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of fun things to do. Also, if you're looking to find a decent club or bar, expect them to be fairly dead until midnight, as most Israeli's start the party later and continue until morning.

Rothschild 12

If you're looking for a chill but still active night scene, the Rothschild 12 is a great place to start your evening. During the day it's a peaceful café until nighttime when it turns into a bar to start your crawl. Enjoy a drink on their terrace or catch a live band playing around back!

The Block

Looking for a dancing scene and somewhere with more action? The Block is an exciting dance club with something always happening. From my experience, most of the music I've come across being played there is house, dance, EDM, and music along those genres. So, if you're into bumpin' music and great vibes, definitely try it out!


I always recommend escape rooms as they are one of my favorite things to do in a new city with friends (plus I love puzzles). Questomania is a short walk from Rothschild Boulevard if you decided to grab a drink from the area first. They offer 5 separate rooms and are English friendly!

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What Else?

There's so much to do in Tel Aviv finding something to do can be overwhelming. Hopefully the options above helped and at least led you in the right direction. If you still want more ideas, I recommend checking out Culture Trips list!