Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!!

22nd Jul 2012
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 1/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 2/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
On th way
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 3/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
Low Waters
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 4/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 5/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 6/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
The Gorge
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 7/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 8/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar
Photo of Mesmerizing Mekedaatu!! 9/9 by Harsha Vardhana Achar

TYPE - River, Trek

DISTANCE -  Approx. 100 KMs from Bengaluru

FOOD - available at the entrance

STAY - Not available, forest region

BEST TIME - October to January

Mekedaatu in Kannada means a goat crossing something, there is a local story about lord Shiva in goat form, I wont be digging into it much. Any ways, we started from home at 6 in the morning heading towards Kanakapura road. We stopped at Haarohalli for breakfast, we saw bunch of pushcart making lemon rice, dosas, idlis and more. It was a amazing experience there, it was one of the best breakfasts we had, it was totally worth it!! After nourishing our belly we started again towards destination, after passing Kanakapura town the road views are beautiful; we stopped in between for a photo shoot. We reached the spot on time, after resting at Sangama (place where Arkavathi and Kaveri river meets) as suggested we asked the bus to take us to Meditated, but we preferred trekking. Along the way we could see cavities in the rocks caused by strong currents during rainy season. We walked around haphazardly and after a long trek we reached the spot. Due to low waters we could get down at the bottom of the gorge its too narrow and it acts like a nozzle during rainy season. We explored around the place, photo shooting again. We sat near the gorge with our legs dipped in the waters, had some chat and fun. We came back trekking again, after some adventure we were tired we had to rest again at Sangama for one hour. We reached Kanakapura ASAP and we ate like 39 dosas in total. River Kaveri is goddess to this region, its due to her food and water in these regions are at plenty, watching her flow was so beautiful, our souls were at peace.

*try Chinchi falls its on the way

PS:- Please keep the place you visit clean and tidy, collect any garbage and dispose properly.

local style .. also try food at Kanakpura