Dandeli Ride

4th Jul 2013
Photo of Dandeli Ride 1/6 by Sumanth Nagaraja
Photo of Dandeli Ride 2/6 by Sumanth Nagaraja
Photo of Dandeli Ride 3/6 by Sumanth Nagaraja
Photo of Dandeli Ride 4/6 by Sumanth Nagaraja
Photo of Dandeli Ride 5/6 by Sumanth Nagaraja
Famous Davangere Benne Dosa.
Photo of Dandeli Ride 6/6 by Sumanth Nagaraja

2 couple on Royal Enfield Thunderbirds. I have been amazed by the beauty of Dandeli surroundings. 

Accommodation - Kadumane.

Top pick for service and food. 
265 Kms from Bangalore is Davangere known for its famous Benne Dosa.
Photo of Davangere, Karnataka, India by Sumanth Nagaraja
470 kms from Bangalore. I have done multiple visits to Dandeli in search of the elusive Black Panthers. I have always stayed at Kadumane which is 20 kms away from the town which is known for its serenity. One of the birds which inhabit the area are the Great Pied Hornbill.
We left our bikes at Kadumane and took a jeep to Castlerock railway station and then took a train till Dudhsagar railway station. We trekked to reach the falls which was at its full might. I will recommend you go here only during the monsoon season. We had packed lunch on the sidelines of the railway track with rains giving us company through out.
Photo of Dudhsagar Falls, Sonaulim, Goa, India by Sumanth Nagaraja
Route taken via Hubli to Bangalore.
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