Top 5 Things To Do in Shimoga!

29th Mar 2019

Place where the elephants are bathed at Sakrebailu

Photo of Top 5 Things To Do in Shimoga! by Brunda Rao Nagraj

As the day dawned, the long weekend called us for a drive to the “Gateway of Malnad”, Shimoga. Located in the central part of Karnataka, from a traveler’s eye, this place is an abode of scenic beauty filled with areca plantations, paddy fields and lots of plantations. With the effervescent Tunga river flowing flawlessly surrounded by the majestic Western Ghats this place resembles the celestial palace of Lord Indra.

Day 1

Distance from Bangalore to Shimoga is approximately 313 km via NH4 and your first pit-stop could be Chitradurga to have some soul-filling breakfast. The journey from Chitradurga to Shimoga takes around 2 hours and below is the Top 5 Things to Do While You Are In Shimoga!

Gajnur Dam

The view from Gajnur Dam

Photo of Shimoga, Karnataka, India by Brunda Rao Nagraj

Gajnur dam is built on the Tunga river with 22 Crest gates, with trees surrounded everywhere, the river looks endless. There are no fees collected for camera or entrance at Gajnur dam apart from a parking fee of 5 INR. The place is opened to everyone between 8 AM to 5 PM. The lovely music of water and the birds chirping adds to the serenity of the place and makes it worthy to visit.

Sakrebailu - Elephant Camp

At the Sakrebailu Elephant Tr

Photo of Gajnur Dam, Gajanuru Agrahara, Karnataka by Brunda Rao Nagraj

Entry fee of INR 30/- per person with no parking fees, Sakrebailu is at a distance of 2.3 KM from Gajnur dam. This place is an abode and a training camp for the cute four-legged giants. You just cannot miss to admire those huge creatures showering water on each other in a playful mood. After you leave this place with a lot of memories and photos do not forget to visit the nearby shack which serves sumptuous fish delicacies on areca leaf plates.

Day 2


A place where you can only listen to the sounds of your heartbeat

Photo of Thirthahalli, Karnataka, India by Brunda Rao Nagraj

A Panchayat town located at a distance of 61km from Shimoga city calls for an amazing drive, as you drive through the thick forests of Western Ghats, he trees form canopies disguising the road into a glorious tunnel. The town is worth to be explored, get familiarized with the nearby eat-outs and other outlets before you end the day.

Sringeri Sharadmaba Shrine

On the way to Sringeri - I could not get the snap of the temple :)

Photo of Top 5 Things To Do in Shimoga! by Brunda Rao Nagraj

With the blessings of the Goddess Sharadamba, you may visit the Sirimane falls in Kigga which is located at 15.3 km away from the goddess town of Sringeri. The curvy roads and the hair pin bends can be literally breath-taking.

Sirimane Falls

Complete relaxation at the Srirmane Waterfalls

Photo of Sirimane Water Falls, Yedadalli, Karnataka, India by Brunda Rao Nagraj

The waterfall gushes from the top of a hill making it a scenic view not to be missed. Spend some time at this serene place before you leave for the spectacular sunset at Agumbe.


The sun here is just too whimsical

Photo of Top 5 Things To Do in Shimoga! by Brunda Rao Nagraj
Day 3

When you visit this place you will certainly lose your heart for the amazing sunset you get to see here. It would remind you of the most wonderful romantic music compositions by a lot of people in the past praising the beauty of this place.

Agumbe is at 28.7 km away from Sringeri. It is the highest peak in the Western Ghats. As the sun sets, the entire sky resembles a paint palette smeared with a millions of tints and shades of orange, blue and yellow. You will deny getting back to the chaotic world after experiencing this magical place.

Sight of the Gajnur Dam

Photo of Agumbe Sunset View Point, Agumbe, Karnataka by Brunda Rao Nagraj

So you must now be acquainted with the Top 6 Things to Do While You Are in Shimoga, Aren’t you? Stop reading and just pack your bags to explore the beautiful Shimoga now. Monsoon is the perfect time to sing and praise the glory of this beautiful place.

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