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Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 1/9 by Amit Upalekar
Train For Journey.
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 2/9 by Amit Upalekar
Waterfall from Close.
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 3/9 by Amit Upalekar
Cant stop Staring
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 4/9 by Amit Upalekar
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 5/9 by Amit Upalekar
Literally ocean of Milk
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 6/9 by Amit Upalekar
Valley created at the back of Santosh
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 7/9 by Amit Upalekar
Into the Wild!!!
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 8/9 by Amit Upalekar
There will light at the end of Tunnel
Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa 9/9 by Amit Upalekar
CLICK from Train

Trip to Dudhsagar Goa

It is said that destiny has its own way of fulfilling our wishes;

at the outset we may not find

pattern in events but after some time we get to know that

there is a plan.

Reason to remember this quote because friends have their

own way of doing and planning

things which we cannot comprehend.same is true for this

exciting trip to Dudhsagar Waterfall.

We planned this trip with help extensive research done

by my friend Mahesh Thombare.

We had no idea of what this trek[not actually trek but walk]

was,but we agreed to this adventure.

So First things first lets get to know about Dudhsagar

Waterfall it is located at

Bhagawan Mahavir Wild Life Sanctuary.

For Bollywood lovers its shown in Blockbuster movie

of Shahrukh Khan “Chennai Express”.During the


season the falls are transformed into one of the

most powerful

falls in India. Dudhsagar Falls is listed as

India's fifth tallest waterfall and is 227th in the

world at 310 m

situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka.

The water comes down heavily hundreds of

meters (over a thousand feet) in

large volumes during the rainy monsoon season,

forming one of the most

spectacular natural phenomena in Goa.

Photo of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, Goa, India by Amit Upalekar

Spectacular View of Dudhsagar

Route we took to this awesome place was from Junction Miraj

by great Indian Railway to small but unofficial station after “Castlerock”

About 7 km before Dudhsagar waterfall.

We reached at Castle rock at about 4 am in the early morning.

We thought that we will be the only wild travelers coming to

this place but on castle rock station there was throng of young

People waiting to start the trek of 7 km to waterfall.but we

opted for shortcut to reach just before Waterfall as Railway

will be taking halt before getting go ahead to cross the bridge right

Below “Dudhsagar Waterfalls”.we quickly climbed down on

that inevitable and unofficial Halt.

*Get Down Immediately here because train stops for

one minute only.

We Started our walking journey on railway track surrounded

by Rainy forest all around.

there was water all over the place coming rock on left side as

it was monsoon.We started towards our destination.just after

20-25 minutes we reached small hut-like church on left side of railway

track.We already listening to the sound made by waterfall as

we were getting closer.we camped there at church with doing

morning rituals like brushing and having early breakfast.

Already there is crowd from karnataka was enjoying themselves

with really heavy south Indian music.after some time we started

on the route to Dudhsagar falls which is said to be roughly

2 km from this place.as route was slippery by the continuous rain

it is necessary to be cautious.route was winding and going through

somewhat long dark tunnel created for Indian Railway.

In some of the blogs we read that there are chances of leeches

if you are walking.applying tobacco water or diesel keeps them away,

But we didn’t encountered this strange living thing on the way

to our destination.

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa by Amit Upalekar

Its time note down must have for trek

* Must have for Trek

Group of Friends!!!

Confirmed ticket two and fro as there is rush in monsoon season.

Best time to visit - June to Sepember.

5-6 tunnels are on the way so Torch is mandatory.

Search on the net for trains.

Good Quality Camera.

Good Trekking shoes.

Toothbrush,Toothpaste,Soap,Shampoo etc.


Tent if you are planning to Camp overnight.

Mosquito repellent.

First aid if emergency comes.

Some food as there is no way to get it at Waterfall

and around 15kms.

As we got closer we were getting deafened by the

sound of Waterfall but as it was too early it was hard to see.

But as the veil of night started uncover we were

getting to see the Grand Opera of Nature.

Just before waterfall there is small two story rooms

for safe distance view of waterfall.

When We first got unforgettable view of waterfall all

were amazed and excited as hell. As light came up

Waterfall shown its might in full thrust.Coming down

from thousand feet with its

white streams; proving true to its name Dudhsagar

”Ocean of Milk”. When i think of it now i think

it as Face of Shiva with black rock as its hair and

water as Wild Ganga river descending from Shivas face.

Like strands of braided hairs of Shiva water was coming

down in different ways on the surface nearby bridge created

by Konkan railway.We were lucky that this year rain was

not as heavy else we

Have returned back from this place only.But after some walk

below the bridge we got to plain surface where waterfall first

fall down heavily.

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa by Amit Upalekar

Dudhsagar from Close quarters

*Utmost Caution must be taken while going close to water fall

because flow of water may change rapidly in Rainy Seasons.

This Waterfall was gigantic,invincible and terrific at same time.

Sound of water coming down so deafening that it hard to talk

with each other.

Just as sun started to come it its true glow. Waterfall was getting

beautiful with small patches of Rainbow.Just nearby around quarter

to seven we got the chance to enjoy Chai done

By some Chaiwalla there.As it is Dense forest there were around

50-60 monkey came there to get food bought by travelers.

Do not get fooled by them as they will be as rough as gang of robbers.

Keep food safe so that monkeys don't get the whiff of stuff.

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa by Amit Upalekar

Place for Safe View and Camping at night for FREE!!!

Time will fly away rapidly but still you will not get satisfied by the view.

Again and again one will be compelled to watch this grand view of nature

.Just keep eye on Sound and sight of Train

So that you can come down from railway track safely;but it is advisable

to get away from the railway track to safely enjoy the Waterfall.

Just opposite of the waterfall there are hills covered by greenery

Which like treat to eyes.As We see down below the bridge built

by Konkan Railway there is Valley created by surrounding mountains.

the water comes down through this valley though rocks and forms

Small Waterfalls on the way.Just about 90 ft below there is pool of

water created by this waterfall.We worked out a route in the mind

to reach that pool through this dense forest.But remember to be

cautious here Because if water-level large it might be little

risky to go there.Just after 30

minutes of climbing down we reached there and enjoyed

dip in that pool.Water was ice cold.It was nice to relax in

Jacuzzi formed by rocks.But due to frequent rain the rocks

are slippery and if not cautious one can get hurt and since

there is no medical and travel facility it is better to prevent

it with

Sensible approach to these places.

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa by Amit Upalekar

Going Down to Foot of waterfall through Dense Rainy Forest.

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa by Amit Upalekar

Resting for while during Walk towards Castlerock

Then after going upward we decided to go back towards “Castle rock”

station through Railway Track and tunnels.We got to see several rainy

season plants and flower on this way.

Then we took the train to Goa from there and continued our trip.

But the Journey to this Somewhat secluded and neglected spot is

worth a Go.This place is photographers paradise.Just aim anywhere

and click;and you get the perfect Wallpaper photo for your laptop

or Facebook background.

We didn’t get the chance but if you are going with group friends

then you can arrange tents and camp out at night just opposite the

waterfall and enjoy the constant Tandava of Mother nature all night

with sky filled with zillions of stars.

This trip is worth going if you want to explore Goa minus beaches

and hustle of urban life and literally swing in the cradle created by

monsoon hills and Konkan railway track.

Photo of Trip To Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa by Amit Upalekar

Train Arrived for Back Journey!!!

At last I apologize to Wren-Martin famous experts in English

Grammar for any new invention in Writing English!!!!