Photo of Childhood 1/1 by Raghvendra Singh
Day 2

So it was day 2 of our trip to Manali and we went from there to kasol on our rented bikes and on the way i clicked this picture.

I know it is blurry, just like the childhood of the kids today, all hazy and lost in the technology which was provided to make our lives simpler but made the kids forget the meaning of childhood. There's a lot of difference between the kids today and when we were kids(I am still...), yes today the kids just come out a lot smarter but also in a hurry to grow up, imitate the elders and according to me that is the problem. The books in school making them remember the books but not learning and under the weight of these backpacks, in between the pages of these knowledgeable books one thing is lost which is the most important thing for a child "His Childhood". All the memories that he could have created, the lifelong friends he could have made, the long strolls, the endless adventures, some exciting stories for when they grow up and laugh at, lost. Children who once were fearless of making mistakes are now afraid of poor grades, when they did not care for what others might think now they were made aware and in between this we lost some fearless leaders, some great artists, sportsperson etc. Don't be in a hurry to grow up, live in the moments, life in not a race, it is yours and everything will come to you. Make some lifelong friends, do some stupid experiments, go on crazy adventures just learn to have fun and be unafraid of failure. Also, keep the inner kid alive always.

If someone is curious you can ask me my crazy childhood. JK