Fire in snow.

20th Dec 2015
Photo of Fire in snow. 1/5 by anirudh
Photo of Fire in snow. 2/5 by anirudh
Photo of Fire in snow. 3/5 by anirudh
Photo of Fire in snow. 4/5 by anirudh
Photo of Fire in snow. 5/5 by anirudh


The trip started with 120 college students on 22nd January .With the expectation of chilly mornings and snowfall, we left at 7:00pm hoping the trip would be the most memorable part of our life. And then started the game of antakshri between seniors and juniors , though I did’nt participated and rather focused on our group selfies Then we amazing 11 started our ‘khap’. One of my friend copied everyone’s weird dance steps which lead to a laughter burst out. And then the fun began……….when a half bottle of wodka did its magic to create MAGIC MOMENTS. The one who drank told every bit of his life taking me more closer to him. After the dinner , the steady movement of the bus drove me to sleep. I suddenly  woke up at 4:00 am and then I enjoyed the beauty at its best. The beautiful sights from the bus window were worth the travel I did. In the moon’s light, the mountains and the flowing water displayed a epic view. Ohh… I missed the most important part of the story, the reason of this trip, someone special ‘my love’. The bus ride was amazing because of her, her warmth and her stupid questions. There was a FIRE IN SNOW constantly burning me in. We reached the destination, but who cares about that when the journey was so amazing. We checked in a hotel named The Snow Princess (a 3-star hotel, according to our budget). We quickly dressed up and left for Solang Valley for adventurous activities . We trekked a distance of 500m up the mountain and clicked pictures at each and every point. We played in the snow , were thrown down the hill on a tyre which slided on the snow and after that the MAGGI TIME. After this we went to the MALL ROAD, did some shopping and filled our bellies. The best part of the day was the bonfire with Dj along a river bank. I did the most craziest steps on the dance floor. The night became more beautiful when she shared something which I can never forget. In simple words she recited complex story. I don’t care what happened next ………but I still remembered how tight she held my hand during river rafting (the next day).the river rafting was fun and torturous at the same time because we had to bear ice cold water. It was important to thank God for all these precious moments so at the end of the trip we went to Manikaran Sahib in Kasol. This is a place of religious importance for both Sikhs and Hindus. All the delicious Langar cooked here is prepared with the help of heat coming from the hot spring . We reached back our college with bundles of memories ,new friends and stronger bonds …