Parvati valley, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh


We should let nature flow into ourselves just as the sun flows through the forest. Being so attached & grateful to the nature, i think i would never be able to understand a mindset which doesn’t appreciates the beauty & power of nature. I wonder if there exist the types of person who avoid nature. Nature is not only about mountains or forest but everything that constitutes to what helps you heal with them gifted non-humane resources, be it a single tree, sand, grass, stones & pebbles.

Nature is a magical tool that everybody deserves to feel, that everybody deserves to be healed by. Sometimes i know why nature is a complete healer & there’re times when I don’t understand that how can sol nature be such a strong power with such effective influences.

I appreciate every bit of it, and i thank god for keeping me some, because sooner or later nature is just going to be a concept one day!.

Photo of Parvati valley, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh by Palak Negi