Trek To Rasol Village : The Unforgettable Trek

16th Mar 2022
Day 1

We were at Kasol and it was raining heavily since yesterday morning. We were a group of 4 people. One was my friend from Nagpur, Maharashtra and the other two were local residents of Kasol. We were planning to visit Rasol village from yesterday but it was getting postponed again and again due to consistent and heavy rainfall.
Today at 4 PM me and my friend decided to trek Rasol in the rainfall. Local residents backed us out at the end moment due to bad weather.
We 2 decided that we will carry a tarpaulin but the local people told us that it won't work as there are thorn trees and plants in the way on both sides of the trail and tarpaulin won't last long.
We bought two large umbrellas and started to trek without caring about rain and cold temperature.

Rasol trek starts from Chalal and takes upto a minimum of 3-4 hours. It is a steep climb and will test your patience and endurance.

We both did not know the way. We were going to Rasol for the first time. We started trekking and after 20 minutes it started snowing. Snowflakes were too thin. It took us 5-10 minutes to realise that it was snowing.
We were amazed as both us witnessed snowfall for the very first time in our lives and witnessing the first snowfall of your life is something very special and lifetime rememberable.
At 6 in the evening the sky started getting dark.
After one hour of our climb our trails started covering with snow. At 7 it was snowing heavily the trails were completely covered with a blanket of snow. Every thing in our way was white. It was a complete winter wonderland.
At 8 we reached Cafe Magic Meera. There we saw a very small puppy trapped and covered in snow near the gate of the cafe. It was cold and was barely breathing. I grabbed him in my arms and took him to the kitchen of the cafe. We made him eat omelet, boiled eggs and a few pegs of old monk rum. After eating he slept within 10 mins.
We were exhausted and very tired we had our meals and enjoyed our night at a lovely wooden cottage at Magic Meera Cafe.
It was extremely cold, temperature was -6℃ at night and It took a long time for the quilt to heat up and I must say It was a very long night.

Photo of Kasol by Shubham Dhingra
Day 2

Next morning I woked up at 11 AM in the morning.
There was no water in our room so i went to kitchen and there I saw the puppy playing in snow.
I don't have words to describe how I felt at that moment. I felt very happy seeing the puppy playing and enjoying in snow.
We had coffee and breakfast and explored the local area at Rasol village.
Village was very beautiful and was completely covered with a blanket of snow.

This trek will be remembered for life time, have witnessed snowfall for the very first time in my life. Snowfall was unexpected and the views were breathtaking.

Photo of Rasol by Shubham Dhingra
Photo of Rasol by Shubham Dhingra