Pokhara as i know it.

8th Feb 2019
Day 1

Hi Y'all! So this is my first blog on Tripoto, if you guys like it, show some love, if you don't, please drop me a feedback and some suggestions if any.

So this one dates back to April, 2015 when i was in Nepal with my family. We were a huge group of people, somewhere near 15 and we had a traveller booked to ease our commute within the country. The first few days in Nepal, we spent in Kathmandu, shopping and eat till our minds dropped and then after having visited to a couple more cities, we decided to let Pokhara be the last city we live in before coming back to India. Back then, Pokhara used to a small town built around a lake, it's streets were filled with various Café's and most of them with good live music to keep the street cheerful, the shopping was on the road right across the lake and you could find some really good handmade accessories and textiles there, along with a couple of music shops, tattoo artists. You could rent a bicycle and ride along in the monsoon streets or hangout at cafes with good music and a view of the lake or you could rent a boat and take it to the temple on a mountain in the middle of the lake or you could just boat in the silent waters and watch the sunset. It is one of the most peaceful cities I've been in. But we knew we were only staying there 2 nights. So on the second night, i requested my family to stay a little longer but we had pur tickets booked so we had to go. Next morning we left for Kathmandu around 9 in the morning to catch a train back to India. So the road between Kathmandu and Pokhara was mostly mountains on one side and a steep trench on the other. On our way back we couldn't help out notice that there were way to many rocks on the roads that fell down from the mountains. We reached Kathmandu about 2 or 3 in the afternoon and found the whole city's electricity was down and the shops were shut and people were all in their homes and it was weirdly silent. Almost felt a curfew. We were too hungry so we tried to look for a restaurant and found one with half it's shutter down. As soon we entered we found the whole staff of the hotel standing in a group watching the News. It was then that we found out that Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude of Earthquake right between Kathmandu and Pokhara near 12 pm.

It left me shook. I was pissed all my way to Kathmandu because i couldn't stay in Pokhara for long and now that city was down to dust. I don't if i should be happy for leaving there on time or i should be sad that Pokhara as i knew it, was gone.