Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles


I visited Seychelles for work. I was pretty excited to visit this place as this was going to be my first foreign trip. Before I started for Seychelles, I searched for information about this place on the Internet and got to know a lot about this place, Travellers blogs, reviews by people and first hand accounts of backpackers. And so thinking that I m ready to visit this place I started out by Sea (Work). After sailing for a couple of days and after crossing the Equator (you do cross it even when you are flying), I saw land, I saw Seychelles. It was amazing, the rising sun on one side and the silhouette of the hilly island ahead of me. I reached and started out refreshing whatever information I have gathered about this place, which goes like this:

1. It's a small country with its capital in Mahe island(the biggest island in the group). The capital is called Port Victoria. 
2. Port Victoria is roughly 24km*7km in area but owing to the hilly terrain, it feels like it's much bigger. 
3. Seychelles is the proud country having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in yet one of its island, La Digue. 
4. The locals are of African origin and speak Creole (a derivative of French), if you speak French, you just might pull off Creole. Nevertheless, if you don't speak either of them, they also speak English. 
5. The island is full of beaches and resorts. And also nature treks, ending in beautiful beaches fit for snorkeling and scuba diving. 
6. Almost all of the things are imported. The only thing which this country exports is tinned fish. 
7. Tourism is the major occupation of people and it is the prime source of income for the government. And people have free education and free medical assistance in Seychelles.
8. One of the major attractions is Eden Island, which is has one of the most beautiful island resort in the world and is visited by all celebrities and who's who. 
9. Majority retail market is run by Indian origin Tamilians and Gujratis own almost all of the construction industry. 
Well that's enough information to start if you are in Seychelles. Now I will tell you what all we can see and what did I see there. I started of with a trek in one if the hills towards "Anse Major" beach. It was a secluded beach and we seemed to be the only people taking a dive there. The waters are shallow and extremely clean. After a full day of trekking and swimming, I went to the local market to treat my taste buds. I visited "Pirates arm"  which turned out to be serving the best food in the island. The next day went off in visiting the other beaches, Anse Royal, Anse Minor etc etc. There are many snorkeling and diving trips which can be planned with the help of locals who run the businesses here. It's a place worth visiting and should be included in everybody's list of all places to visit before you die. I am including some photographs which might give you a picture if beautiful is the place, which includes some aerial shots, as I did some Aerial sorties of the place. Enough said, pack your bags and head out there! :) Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 1/8 by v_aditya 
Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 2/8 by v_aditya Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 3/8 by v_aditya Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 4/8 by v_aditya Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 5/8 by v_aditya Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 6/8 by v_aditya Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 7/8 by v_aditya Photo of Wonder in the Ocean : Seychelles 8/8 by v_aditya