Head To Vembanad Lake To Escape The Chaos Of Your City Life


Known for its captivating beauty and calm waters, Vembanad Lake is gradually making its way to the list of prime tourist attractions in Kerala. One glimpse of it and you will see why this is a very special lake.

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Also known as Vembanad Kayal, the lake is the largest in Kerala and the longest in India. The longest railway line in India, Vembanad Rail Bride is also named after the lake. Providing a gateway to the well-known Kerala Backwaters, Vembanad Lake is a sight for sore eyes in itself. Cruises amidst the tranquil waters in luxurious houseboats is one of the most well-liked activities on the lake. The cruises range from those for a few hours to a few days. The contrast of the tall coconut trees fringing the cyanic waters makes for a stunning view.

Where is it?

Spanning a huge area of more than 2, 000 square kilometers, Vembanad Kayal is located in Kerala, surrounded by the districts of Kottayam, Alappuzha and Ernakulam. It serves as the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. The Vembanad Lake surrounds the small, scenic islands of Pathiramanal, Perumbalam and Pallippuram. It is easily accessible from Kochi on all its sides.

Why Should You Visit?

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Photo of Head To Vembanad Lake To Escape The Chaos Of Your City Life by Tanishka Goel

Known for its laid-back, peaceful life, Vembanad Kayal along with its surrounding areas allows you to simply luxuriate in the heart of nature. As mentioned earlier, the houseboat cruises are a must while you are on the Vembanad Lake. Another important attraction are the canoe rides. In particular areas of the lake, tourists are also allowed to indulge in activities like boating and fishing. You can also watch the local fishermen fetching the local catfish with their bare hands.

Bird watching is another popular activity as the lake is home to numerous migratory birds making for an exhilarating sight. Spoil yourself with stunning sights of soaring birds with green coconut trees and bright blue waters in the backdrop.

You can also book a sunset cruise at the lake for the added delight of hues of orange and red in the sky against the blue waters. The serene experience will last with you for a lifetime.

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Photo of Head To Vembanad Lake To Escape The Chaos Of Your City Life by Tanishka Goel

The serenity of the place evolves itself into an extravagant affair during the Onam Festival. The Snake Boat Festival, also known as the Nehru Trophy Festival springs the lake to life with thousands of boats with more than a hundred fishermen on board. The regatta gala is a grand carnival attracting domestic and international crowd, adding to the high levels of energy of the race.

Places To Visit Around Vembanad Lake

How To Reach

Vembanad Lake is easily accessible from all modes of transport.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kottayam which is only 13 kilometers from the lake.

By Air: Closest airport is Cochin International Airport, 63 kilometers away.

By Bus: The nearest bus depot is KSRTC Bus Station which is well-connected with all the roads of the main cities.

Plan a trip to the Vembanad Lake to get a much-needed break from the hustle of fast-paced city life and delve into the psychedelic beauty of the pristine waters of the Vembanad Lake.

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Spread over 14 acres, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a favourite among bird enthusiasts. Migratory birds from the Himalayas and Siberia flock to this sanctuary including the Siberian crane, lark and flycatcher. Tourists also get the chance to visit the paddy fields and lush green forests of the sanctuary.

Accessible only by boat, this is a small island on the Vembanad Lake. The name of the island literally translates to Sands of the Night. Tourists constantly flock to the beautiful island of Pathiramanal to witness the breathtaking sight of thousands of rare birds soaring in the clear skies. Rare birds, blue skies and verdant greenery make the Pathiramanal Island a true paradise of the nature.

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Photo of Pathiramanal Island, Muhamma, Kerala, India by Tanishka Goel

A popular tourist attraction, Kumarakom Village is located on the Vembanad Kayal. A tour of the village allows you to watch the authentic activities of the villagers. A ride through the canals of the village provides a glimpse of life at the banks and the traditional methods of fishing. The tour is provided by women villagers. The village is graced with bountiful greenery to soothe the eyes.

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If you are on a trip to the Vembanad Lake, a stay at the Kumarakom Lake Resort is a must. The Lake Resort makes for a superbly lavish stay with luxuries like Ayurvedic spas, herbal massages and infinity pools. They also provide evening cruises every evening in their facilities.

Best Time To Visit

The perfect weather to explore the tranquil waters of the Vembanad Lake is November to March since the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities during this time.

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Photo of Kumarakom Lake Resort, Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom, Kerala, India by Tanishka Goel