Ditch Thailand for Luang Prabang, Laos in 2019


Gorgeous Luang Prabang in Laos has been a hot spot for travellers around the globe since the international airport was modernised. And not to forget, being the first UNESCO site listed in the country of Laos, this town offers a spectacular array of culture, nature, and of course, mouthwatering food!

Although, usually visited by backpackers who are happy to sit for hours in crowded buses on stunning, winding mountain roads, or the boats, this town has something for everyone, and is still a strong contender. Accessible to far more travellers, here are 5 most interesting things-to-do that will make you want to ditch Thailand next year!

The first thing you should do after you've arrived in Luang Prabang is, walk up the 355 steps to the viewing point on Phousi mountain. Thrilling enough right? Much like a little hill, you’ll find Phousi right in the centre of town. While you reach the top, you can also explore the little wat (temple) and do not miss the 360 degree panoramic views; a great way to get your bearings for the rest of your stay!

There's no better place than to unwind in this sightseeing attraction - the aptly named Utopia bar overlooking the Nam Khan River! Here, you can grab a chilled beverage and bowl of delicious olives before you settle to relax and enjoy the view. The friendly staff also encourage you to have an afternoon nap if you want!

An introduction for first-timer hagglers, this night market is a great place to steal a deal. The vendors are friendly, genuine and you can stroll through items multiple times without hesitating. Souvenirs can be purchased at great prices. and yes, don’t forget to get yourself one of the iconic umbrellas or probably an elephant made out of a bomb from the Vietnam war.

Take a boat trip on the famous river up to the Pak Ou Caves, to the waterfalls or to visit local villages. The Mekong is a life blood of Laos, where the rural villagers rely on it for both fishing and transportation. A boat trip at Mekong River is the perfect way to experience the heart of this magical land, admire the verdant countryside and watch the fishermen hauling their nets!

Do not leave the place without trying the traditional Lao cuisine. For a real taste of Laos, head for a meal at the popular Tamarind Restaurant and try some of their tasting platters. The menu is exhaustive and you get plenty options to choose from. Try the fried river weed and lemongrass stuffed chicken. It's delicious!

Other places to visit

Kuang Si Falls, Wat Xieng Thong, Vat Phou, Buddha Park, Royal Palace, Luang Prabang, Wat Si Muang, Sacred Hill of Laos, Vang Vieng

Flight cost

Round-trip fares to the capital start from INR 30,000 onwards. Book in advance to get the best price.

Best time to visit

The weather is best between October and April, when it's warm and dry throughout! River travel is best between November and January.

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