Met my favourite German



I took my first solo trip last year to portugal & Andalucia. i knew it was gonna be the most exciting & amazing trip as it was my first solo adventure. I landed in Lisbon with butterflies in my tummy. There were 3 other girls who also checked into the hostel at the same time I did & we instantly clicked & had super fun for next 3 days. But sadly they checked out on 4th day & i still had 2 days & nights there. on the same night while sitting for Mama's Dinner( most delicious food) at our hostel, i started chatting up with this German guy sitting across the table from me, lets call him Mr. D. we got on instantly though his spoken English wasn't good.

we spoke bout his life, my life & how life & cultures are different in our respective countries. coincidentally he was also my bunk mate. we took a small day trip together the next morning and had such a blast, there were times when he wanted to say something but couldn't find the right words & i would just say what he wanted to say like i was reading his mind. this amazed both of us in the beginning but then we just realised it was our connection.

we took a weekend trip later to the algarve curve which was neither on my itinerary nor on his. it was the best weekend i could have asked for. i think i had fallen in love with him but sometimes you just cross path with someone, have the most amazing time together & know in your heart that you woould never meet again.

saying good bye to him seemed like the hardest thing i have had to do, but that is life. atleast we created some unforgettable moments & memories which will always bring a smile to my face.

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Photo of Met my favourite German by Chandni Mehta
Photo of Met my favourite German by Chandni Mehta
Photo of Met my favourite German by Chandni Mehta