Glimpse of heaven in Panchgani

25th Jul 2015
Photo of Glimpse of heaven in Panchgani 1/3 by yamini saini
Sydney Point
Photo of Glimpse of heaven in Panchgani 2/3 by yamini saini
Side view of the scenic beauty
Photo of Glimpse of heaven in Panchgani 3/3 by yamini saini
Echo Point

The journey from New Delhi to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar was really amazing.

The scenic and picturesque views were a treat to the eyes.

We had heard about Panchgani but little did we know that a small place such as Panchgani would be having a lot of things to discover.

From the weather to the activities (horse riding, palm reading, face reading, etc) to the religious spots,and the visit to Mapro Garden which really enlightened us deeper into the world of strawberries and its products like lounges, toffees, etc, we really had a blast.

We had to face difficulties due to the continuous rains, but everything was worth it.

This journey will forever be etched in my heart.

This point has an offbeat significance. It is considered that if you scream out loud the name of somebody whom you have lost in the recent years,that person will come back to you. Apart from that,the view from here is breathtaking.
It serves as one of the main attractions of panchgani. One can see the water of the Dhom Dam.
One of the biggest producers of Strawberry.
It is associated with a mythological background to it. It is believed that Pandavas of the Mahabharata epic had stayed there for a while.