Tailbaila Trek

29th Nov 2014
Photo of Tailbaila Trek 1/3 by Shubham Ganbote
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Photo of Tailbaila Trek 2/3 by Shubham Ganbote
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Photo of Tailbaila Trek 3/3 by Shubham Ganbote
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Finally done with my practical exam!!! What a relief! Feeling relaxed after a long period . I will get some time to do my things and this one is top amongst it. Sharing my experience of trekking with you people, I have experience of 25-30 treks yet. But the attraction of new places never ends. This is one of them i.e. Tailbaila Trek. 

About the Tailbaila Trek:Tailbaila, situated around 94 km from Pune is a 'Magmatic Dyke' which is a very steep vertical wall of rocks created by intruding magma in to a fissure. The wall is divided into two dykes which is known as left wall(L1 & L2) and right wall(R1 & R2) of the Tailbaila and at the middle where a small Shivalaya exists. Tailbaila was a fort with steps which the British destroyed with mines & guns just to prevent any mutiny in future against the British Rule. Today Tailbaila stands as one of the most prominent places in the Sahyadris famous for its four rock-climbing routes. Ascent to the top requires high technical mountaineering skills. It's a climber's paradise. However the tourists can go up to the temple and enjoy the scenic beauty of Sudhagad in Konkan visible right beyond the deep valley. 
29th November,2014 : Left side wall Of Tailbaila:-We live in the land where we have most scenic, pleasant, historical places but we just need to step out from our regular routine and need to explore this places which is worth a lifelong memories . And this is right time to do this type of things. This was the my second trek with the Explorers Group(Pune based) after the Moroshi Bhairavgad Trek. The time of departure was 9 pm. We had to travel in night and wanted to start the trek at 7am on the very next day. The road condition was pretty bad but with the driver’s good skill(Tensed moments) we had reach to our destination i.e. Tailbaila village. We reached at 1.30 am and rest till morning. The morning in the village is always pleasant to experience. After refreshing we took out breakfast and we all get our safety gears for the climbing. We started our trek towards Tailbaila. It’s 3kms walk from the village to base of the mountain. I introduced myself to akhilesh, hrushikesh, Sumeet and Dhyayaneshwari during this trek. Small temple of Shiva was there. Mr. Anand Kenjale and his team arrived at the Tailbaila before us to fix the rope for climbing and rappelling. The atmosphere was dry and sunny. After checking the safety gears, it was the time for real thrill. I was beginner for climbing so it was a little scary for me. Our live is depends on your hands and legs and one safety gear. The first patch was hard to climb. Kenjale sir was motivating and guiding while climbing.
The climbing of Tailbaila can be done in two steps. After first climb we reach to midway of the Tailbaila wall. The small patch to go to another climbing point was so horrible. Very little space was there to put steps. There is small water storage after first climb. The second climb is very tough that you have to apply your skills to reach the top of the wall. If u scared during the climbing, it’s very dangerous for you. So you have to be mentally strong to do climbing. As soon as I finished with the second climb, small path lead me to the peak of the left side of Tailbaila wall. As I was in first group to reach the top, we started sharing our experiences of different trek. It’s a good way to connect and know the people with same interest. Others were still busy in making it to the top, we did our photo session. It was time for cheer up and after that we started our way down to the base. The rappelling is also done in two patches. The first patch was so deep that my hand starting aching due to friction occurred in rope. The second patch was nearly a free fall patch. It was so tricky. Two gents with 65 age also done this trek with us and it was really inspiring for all of us. Age is not at all problem in this activity, We just need courage to do something. After this trek I can call myself as a climber proudly. We had our lunch after we get back to Tailbaila Village. The Lunch from villager’s hunt is good enough than a restaurant. It was very delicious. After relaxing we started our return journey at 4 pm and reached at Pune near 8 pm.Trek details:Place: Tailbaila (Lonavala)Date: 29/11/14Expenses: 1800-2000/ Time: One Day Trek