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Photo of Maldives on Budget? - How you can plan under INR 50000 · MAP CAMERA TRAVEL by Map Camera Travel
Photo of Maldives on Budget? - How you can plan under INR 50000 · MAP CAMERA TRAVEL 1/9 by Map Camera Travel

Maldives on Budget ? is probably the question for all those beach-lovers and nature enthusiasts as Maldives is the dream destination to go to. The serene surroundings, the blue turquoise water that is crystal-clear , and the pristine beaches, everything it is too stupendous.

Photo of Maldives on Budget? - How you can plan under INR 50000 · MAP CAMERA TRAVEL 2/9 by Map Camera Travel

Spending time breathing in the fresh air of the Maldives Island is indeed a great experience for those who fancy nature. Going out to such a splendid island would certainly cost a bomb if you do not have an understanding of planning a trip to the Maldives on budget.

Hence, when you decide to go to the Maldives, sit down, and chart out everything that you want to do when you are there. Planning for a trip is always a better choice than burning holes in your pocket and coming back with regrets. So, in this article, we are trying to give you a complete idea of how to plan a perfect trip to Maldives Island under 50,000 INR/-.

So, are you ready to go through this and get tips on Maldives vacation cost? We urge that you make use of this travel plan to use it during your trip to this heavenly abode, Maldives.

Book tickets in advance

Booking flight tickets well in advance can save a lot of money. Most of the people take time to fix the destination, and by then, it might be too late to get hold of cheap tickets. So, the very moment you decide on the destination, you must immediately rush to books your flight tickets because the flight charges keep fluctuating depending on the availability of the flights.

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Especially when you try booking the flight tickets at the last minute, it can turn out to be quite expensive. The flight tickets for the Maldives can be bought at as less than 8K one way, and this can get affordable.

Choose affordable airlines

The price of the tickets to Maldives is also dependent on the airlines choices. There are a few airlines that fly their guests at quite an affordable price. Choosing such airline companies to reach Maldives can save a lot on the overall expenses. So, complete research on the flights and the airlines will help in planning your trip pretty effectively.

Choose Budget Stay

Those beautiful overwater bungalows come with more than just a view - they come with a hefty price tag, too. Booking hotels well in advance can also be the best idea to curb unnecessary expenses. There are more budget-friendly options to be found that are just as beautiful.

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During peak season, you have to be extra cognizant while making reservations at the hotels because the price might be spiked up, and then you will have to forget about spending cheap holidays in the Maldives. Therefore, it is always a better choice to book the accommodations well before your travel.

It is a great choice to book both flights and accommodation together. There are a lot of luxury resorts and five-star hotels too but, if you are looking for budget travel then, it's always good to rule those options out.

Choose Hotels that have complimentary meals

Of course, when you are on budget travel, every single penny that goes out of your pocket does matter. There are a lot of cheap hotels in Maldives. There are also resorts, and guesthouses that offer complimentary meals to their guests.

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These best budget resorts in the Maldives will give you a great opportunity to save quite a bit on the food expenses unless you want to explore exotic restaurants and hotels. When you are traveling, the food expenses can go skyrocketing because most of the travelers are fond of going on a gastronomical tour. These are some of the best places to stay in the Maldives on a budget.

Some activities are taken care of by the hotels

There are a few resorts and hotels that will promise taking care of a few activities like snorkeling and other water sports when you book the accommodation with them. These activities otherwise can cost you a lot.

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Hence, checking for all the facilities that the hotels offer as complementary to their guests can be helpful when you are planning for budget travel. When the hotel is ready to take care of a couple or more water sports, it is always ideal to prefer those hotels over the others that do not have these things.

Visa charges are not applicable

Well, this is one of the biggest reliefs for Indian Nationals. There are no Visa charges if you have to travel to the Maldives. All you have to do is land at the Male airport and collect the Tourist Visa that is valid for the next ninety days.

Most of the countries have a huge fee on Visas, and they can impact the overall budget of your trip. So, now you know how you can plan your trip to the Maldives under 50K.

Public ferries can be the best option

You have options to choose between the speed boats and the public ferries. While the latter will again increase your expenses, the former can help you transport easily at an affordable cost. However, you need to keep a tab on the timings of these public ferries.

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This is a tip for all the budget travelers. Using the public transport system will always work-out better than hiring private vehicles. Though Local ferries aren't that frequent one can use them to save a lot of money.

Male airport to Male - 45.71 INR/-

Male to Maafushi - 228.53 INR/-

Maafushi to Fulidhoo - 304.71 INR/-

Maafushi to Guraidhoo - 152.35 INR/-

Try authentic Maldivian cuisines

Always remember, when you visit any place, you should try the local cuisines because they are authentic, and you will get to experience the local flavors. Along with these two reasons, you will also be able to save a lot on your pockets because the local delicacies are available even in the shacks, and they sell it at a very affordable price.

Also, the shacks of Maldives are pretty hygienic, and they make traditional dishes that can make you crave for more.

Delicacies / Food items


A complete meal at an inexpensive place

56.50 Rf (279.43 INR/-)

Boshi Mashuni

50 - 100 Rf (247.29 INR/- to 494 INR/-)

Kulhi Boakibaa

50 - 100 Rf (247.29 INR/- to 494 INR/-)


MVR 50 - MVR 150 (247.29 INR/- to 741.86 INR/-)

Sai (Tea)

MVR 10 - MVR 35 (49.46 INR/- 173.10 INR/-)

Pick some offbeat resorts/islands to visit

Go to offbeat places and explore them because going to these places can be quite an adventure and also cost you less. Most of the people will be flocked at the popular tourist attractions.

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So, if you want to experience the idyllic scenes and true beauty of Maldives then, you must try experiencing them locally. Going to offbeat places will give you a mind-blowing experience, and you will be able to save quite a lot on the entry tickets at the sight-seeing places.

Do's And Don'ts In Maldives

Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts that you should keep in mind on your budget trip to Maldives from India!


Carry light clothes, as the weather is tropical, and remains mostly unchanged throughout the day. Carry sunscreen lotions and sunglasses Carry a big hat, if sunlight on the face bothers you We carried our own snorkeling gear, an action camera that is waterproof one for underwater shooting, and tripod, for all those amazing couple shots. It is much cheaper on the pocket. The stuff is available here on rent but at a high cost. People also carry drone cameras. Worth a try, if you want those incredible aerial shots. US Dollar currency notes are accepted everywhere, apart from international cards. You may still wish to keep some local currency for paying tips. Carry enough swimwear. There is no better place on earth to flaunt them.

Do not carry extra footwear. A pair of flip-flops or sandals are more than enough. Don't book the watersports or other activities in advance. The booking can always be done at the resort. Don't litter. The staff here work really hard to keep the beaches clean and safe for marine life. Don't pick corals as it is strictly prohibited.

So, for all those travelers who are planning for Maldives trip on a budget, we guess these tips would certainly come handy. Trying all these things will allow you to save a lot in your pockets and also give you an unforgettable experience of Maldives. For travelers, trying something new can always be thrilling, and we guess these things will help you plan for a cheap Maldives package trip.

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